Modern Military

Military and safari inspiration was huge on the runway last fall. You can see this S/S 2015 trend worn head to toe or you might pair a military inspired top with a skirt to mix things up a bit. It is always a good idea to soften things up with a feminine touch.

Photographer: Ansel and Opie
Stylist: Ansel and Opie
Hair and Make up: Libby Nachtrieb
Model: Cecilia Adamski-The Peak Agency

Featured Brand: Dyer & Jenkins

Josey Orr: Dyer & Jenkins


How did the Dyer and Jenkins brand start?

Initially, Paul Jaworski (co-founder) and I had an online retail store for men. We struggled to stock the shelves with reasonably priced American Made goods. So, we created one ourselves. We went to Kickstarter for funding and proof of concept. We used that money to fund our first production run of jeans and t-shirts and its been off to the races since then.


What sets you apart from other brands?

We cut & sew every garment in Los Angeles, we do our best to use eco-friendly options for our clothing, and we care about what we do. As our line has evolved, we’ve become more outdoors focused and we really encourage people to travel, foster community, and take care of the great outdoors. I think that goes far beyond what a lot of other brands do.


You have presence in some stores in New York and California. Do you see the brand going global?

Yes, we also work with a few small stores across the states and in Japan. Our first year was spent focusing on growing our online store to a healthy size, now we are starting to focus on the wholesale component as well. Pretty much all of the stores we currently work with sell out and re-order multiple times a season.


Do you plan to expand your product group, if so what can we expect to see in the future?

Yes, definitely. We already have chinos, shorts, and backpacks coming out this spring. We will be adding more and more outdoorsy goods as time goes on. It’s something we are all really excited about.


Who is the Dyer and Jenkins man?

Our guy is a lot like our founders. We live and work in the city and take to the outdoors on the weekends. We don’t need crazy technical products, but we want ones that can perform in both town and country.


What is you number one seller?

It’s a tie between our Jenkins fit denim and white t-shirts.


Featured Artist: Eliska Podzimkova

animateny: Eliska Podzimkova


Tell us about yourself…how you got your start.. Etc

Eliska Podzimkova, 21, is a New York-based illustrator who adds her charming illustrations to various photos of New York. She lived halfway across the world in Prague, but she always dreamed of New York. Therefore, Eliska started spending her time adding playful, eye-catching illustrations to photos and videos of the city on her Instagram account. The Czech animator spent the summer of 2012 in New York studying at the New York Film Academy and fell in love with the city. She opened the AnimateNY Instagram account last year and has already amassed thousands of followers since then. Now Eliska finally got the chance to live in New York, the city of her dreams, and works on new exciting projects.


What was the original idea behind adding to photos?

I guess the original idea is still actual. As a student I always had a problem to think of something what to draw. I guess I am not the only one haha… One time my dad gave me a graphic tablet and I ended up having the same issue. I didn’t know what to draw so I just took a photo and started drawing on it. It became something new, fresh and special to me. It was actually the closest possible way how to express my childish fantasy. So I feel like the illustration added to the photo is actually piece of myself. I have always felt like a stranger in NYC so I had to put something from me to make the place closer to me. It is hard to explain.


What inspires you as an artist?

Creative people around me. Friends. Movies. Art. Different cultures. Photographs. Technology. Music. So many things, I can’t even think of everything. It is usually very spontaneous. To be more concrete, Van Gogh or Keith Haring. Most recently my very big inspiration is Chicago based artist, Paul Octavious who is a visual genius.


How do you figure out what absurd thing you want to add to a photo of NYC? 

It usually comes with the photo and the place where the photo was taken. Sometimes I just go outside for a walk with my camera and take a random picture, then I come home and go through it and hopefully something comes up in my mind. Or I have something in mind and I go to a specific place for a specific shot. That rarely happens though. As you can see in my work, I love animals and I like to put weird things together. Some things have connections to my feelings and some thing is reacting to a current situation happening in our world.


Do you see yourself adding absurd things to photos of other cities?

Everyone is asking me that question. I don’t know, I don’t want to force it anyway. New York has been inspiring me the past couple months and it might change now because I moved there. I have already done pictures from Prague because I miss the city a lot. It has to have a special atmosphere and potential to me and obviously I have to experience the city by visiting it and having a great time there.


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