CAVALIERvault: Featured Brand

Kids clothing designed in Singapore

Tell us the story behind Cavalier? How did it get its start?

I have always loved fashion and starting a clothing label has always been on my bucket list. In 2013, my husband/business partner Perry and I were at a point in our lives where we felt accomplished in our corporate careers and having worked for ourselves before (running our own media production house), it was quite natural for us to seek out a new challenge and chase a dream. The idea came about to debut with kids wear because we wanted to grow our label following the natural course of life – from birth to old age.

You mostly design children wear, but have branched into adult wear. How is that going?

I wouldn’t say we branched into adult wear so much as fulfilled the demand for larger sizes of our kids wear. I would love to do a proper adult line but who knows what the future will bring.

What is your team like? How do they all contribute?

Perry and I have a passion for Kickstarting projects and teams and watching new ventures take flight. We’ve been doing that in our careers across various industries but one thing is always consistent – a pioneering team, regardless of designation, will always “own” the project and go beyond his/her job scope to ensure overall success. So to answer your question, solidarity is what the team is like and everyone contributes to everything from stock taking to fabric selection.

If you could have anyone wear your designs who would it be?

Hands down, Alia Wang. I mean, the kid floors every outfit she’s put in, doesn’t whine about wearing monochrome, and man if Alexander Wang approves, we’d be beyond honoured.

Who is the Cavalier customer?

The brave, the brazen, and the intellectually arrogant – THAT kid, young or old, who never cared what anyone thought of his/her style. The CAVALIER kid doesn’t ask if an article of clothing is for boys or girls, the CAVALIER kid wows us regardless of what the labels say.

What’s next?

SS16 is next! Honestly, we don’t want to jump the gun and look too far ahead. Being such a young label, it’s important to us is that we up the game each season in both creative and business aspects. We want to stand on solid ground before we let our imaginations take over.

Visit the CAVALIER website to see all they offer for kids and adults.

GREAT.LY: Featured Brand

GREAT.LY: Connecting the dots for makers and tastemakers

Can you tell us about and how it all started?

I’m inspired by creatives and wanted to help grow the creative economy by building a network that provides a sales channel for makers and a new revenue channel for publishers. With GREAT.LY providing a connection, each side of this creative equation can focus on their strengths — makers making and tastemakers discovery and sharing  — whilst growing their opportunities and value thanks to the talents of one another.

How do you decide whether someone is a good maker or tastemaker for the site?


This is a decision made on a number of factors including quality, uniqueness, aesthetic, category, reach, relevance, . . .

How do products end up on the landing page vs. having to be searched for?


Danielle curates our home page each week.

How does the makers and tastemakers work? How does it all work?

GREAT.LY is a self-service platform that is super easy to use. Once makers are approved to join, they simply upload their inventory into their studio, supplying the images, details, and retail price. Tastemakers, once they are approved, can curate collections for their boutiques from the makers’ products, and then share those collections/products with their readers/audiences on blogs and social media.

Who curates the site and how is it decided?


The site is curated by myself and Danielle Krysa, our creative director and the brilliant mind behind has had a lot of success, how? Why?


I think it provides a service that has been missing for makers and tastemakers, which is a connection that offers a chance for greater success through collaboration.

Visit the website to browse all GREAT.LY has to offer.

The History of Fashion in Hip Hop

Fresh Dressed: A chronicle of fashion in Hip Hop.


Fresh Dressed is a fascinating chronicle of hip-hop, urban fashion, and the hustle that brought oversized pants and graffiti-drenched jackets from Orchard Street to high fashion’s catwalks and Middle America shopping malls. Director Sacha Jenkins’ music-drenched history draws from a rich mix of archival materials and in-depth interviews with rappers, designers, and other industry insiders.

Featuring Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Nas, Pusha T, Swizz Beatz, Damon Dash, André Leon Talley, A$AP Rocky, Marc Ecko, Big Daddy Kane, Kid ‘N Play & many others.


Check out the feature length documentary at your local theater or on Vimeo  here.