Oxblood Fashion Show

Oxblood Fashion Show hosted by Royal Flooring

Oxblood Fashion Show was an amazing runway show with an impressive production. No detail went un-noticed. Hosted by Royal Flooring  and produced by Misty Blank. Ansel and Opie had the amazing opportunity to style every look and perform a live fashion shoot for the show. The best part was working with all the amazing talent, many of whom we have worked with before. Make up was done by the amazing Misty Blank, Shelby Stingley, and Tonae Monique. Hair provided Thompson & Co Salon Parlor. The illustrious models; Cecilia Adamski, Arjana Ejupi, Tamia Ayoki-Davis (keep posted for Tamia’s shoot), James Alexander, Jamie Henderkott, Meredith Torvik, and Megan Axne. Video provided by Luminary Video & Media Production. Dj and lighting by BCP Live (I’m sorry I forgot to turn off the projector at the end of the night) And a huge thank you to the all the volunteers and the Iowa State Fashion and Design Program volunteers, we could not have accomplished this without you. A huge thanks to Maxwell/Liebl for bringing all the talent to make this even happen. Special thanks to Velvet Coat, Francesca’s, Nordstrom Rack West Des Moines, Peplum and Paisley and The Boutique for providing all the apparel.

Satchel and Page: Featured Brand

Daniel Ralsky; Founder of Satchel and Page

Tell us the story behind the brand?

The inspiration behind the brand is from my Grandfather’s Map Case from WWII. We still have it as a family keepsake. When you look at the bag, you can feel the stories it holds. So we wanted to create a brand around this era of the Greatest Generation. When things were made to last. When people didn’t need as much, but what they had, it meant something.

What is your favorite product you sell and why?

I’d have to say our Bomber jacket. It gets so many compliments. I don’t get to wear it often as I live in Austin, but I feel like a boss whenever I wear it.

Do you see yourself branching out into more product categories?

Slowly, but bags will remain our focus. Whatever we make, we want it to be the best possible product and it takes time to learn different categories. Long term, the most logical categories I could envision us branching out into, would be women’s bags, men’s boots, watches, men’s grooming.

What drew you to try Kickstarter?

A great community to test the viability of our business. Kickstarter doesn’t lie and having success on Kickstarter meant that we had a real business.

Do you think your product holds up to your Grandpa’s bag that inspired all of this?


What is next?

We have a beautiful new collection of bags launching within 10 days. They are all vintage inspired designs, but the most functional and versatile bags we’ve ever made.

See the latest line of bags and all other fine leather goods, check out the Satchel and Page website.

Wale Oyerinde: Featured Artist

Los Angeles based fashion stylist, Wale Oyerinde

How did you get interested in fashion?

 Growing up, I wasn’t really exposed to fashion but I loved art and saw things differently, I would literally draw and paint on every blank paper I saw, I hated to see blank pages. I didn’t have fancy clothes but I had my “go-to” favorites. I didn’t discover fashion till I started entering design competitions and got my first internship at a fashion magazine. Finally! It made sense to me, I didn’t waste time at all once I discovered fashion, I worked in the editorial department, which helped me to artistically train my eyes and know what is good design.

I became a sponge and absorbed everything. I further went into retail as a sales associate and visual merchandiser to understand the fashion consumer, what they want and how they want it, I worked in e-commerce as a buyer to understand the business side of things and I still haven’t stopped learning more about the industry.

What are your favorite fall/winter trends for this year?  Fall/Winter for me is a time to hibernate, embrace the cooler weather and doing so in style. My favorite A/W2015 trends are

1.The shearling coat
2.The oversize sweater
3.Long line blazers
4.Winter suede
5.The chunky loafers

Who would be your dream client?

 I have many dream clients, I obsess over different brands season after season, but ultimately I will like to work with Celine, J.W Anderson, Acne Studios, Proenza Schouler, Jacquemus and work on the glossy pages of American Vogue & Dansk Magazine.

Who are some of your professional/personal influences?

 My professional influences come from a whole lot of places, from my environment to people, design and culture. I never try to block myself out of my environment because my next inspiration may come from happenings around me, or a word someone around me just said.

You’ve lived in multiple parts of the world. How does the industry differ from country to country?

Living in different parts of the world and adjusting to the industry standards of different countries can be a little challenging but that is where the fun begins. When I’m working in a particular country, I am able to automatically adjust to the industry standard without loosing my personal aesthetics. One needs to be able to absorb, refine and edit and communicate these ideas without changing what you stand for.

Click here to follow Wale’s latest styling and editorials.

Not Your Boyfriend’s Jeans

Boyfriend fashion is huge this season and is quickly growing from runway to fast fashion.

Women often like to compete with the guys and generally do it better! So, we decided to take a cue from men’s runway this season and take a look at some boyfriend fashion. Menswear inspired dressing is a classic in the eyes of many and will be seen for years to come. Check out how we choose to be inspired by it!

Photographer: Ansel and Opie
Stylist: Ansel and Opie
Make Up: Misty Blank
Hair: Mel Buckhahn
Model: Megan Axne, The Peak Agency