Almost Famous fashion show

Mayfair, Ellison Sunglasses and BLU Collar Clothing shows how Iowa does fashion.


Last Friday fashion took to the streets in Iowa City. The Almost Famous fashion show was a collaboration between Mayfair, Ellison Sunglasses and BLU Collar Clothing.

We have had the privilege of working with Misty Blank, owner of Mayfair, on multiple occasions since she also does hair and make up for film and print. If you are a regular Ansel and Opie reader you may recognize some images on her website.

Ellison Sunglasses is a handmade designer eyewear brand that has great product and a great story behind their success. We won’t say any details but be sure to check back soon to read our Q&A with Ellison as a featured brand.

BLU Collar Clothing is a lifestyle brand that encompasses the passion and hustle of the everyday leader. They are not just about being cool but being cool with a purpose. BLU is also an Iowa based brand that we hope to collaborate with in the future as a featured brand. In the meantime see what they have to offer and buy something here.

Fashion industry takes on boxing!
Candace Jordan: Featured Artist

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