Kaylee Schatz Berg: CEO of Asher Marie

Tell us the Asher Marie story…and how did you get into fashion?

Asher Marie has been a dream of mine since I was a young girl in grade school. Although it didn’t yet have a name or a specific purpose, I always knew I wanted to create a brand; something that would be shared by women around the world and allow myself a creative outlet. For me, it had to have a global purpose. This was before social media had been invented, the Internet was a pastime and smartphones were daily accessories. From a very early age, I knew the world was much bigger than me and I had the vision of creating something that could be shared by many. After following a more “traditional” collegiate path, I started to develop my ideas, fashion sketches, scrapbooks and vision boards. It took over ten years for my ideas to become tangible and for me to gather the courage to take the leap of faith to create Asher Marie. While creative, I have always been a very calculated person. I am grateful for my decade-long professional real estate and interior design career, as it gave me the discipline and business focus I needed to launch a global brand. Then, about three and a half years ago, the most amazingly spectacular thing happened to me: I became a mommy to my son, Asher. He truly is my greatest gift. Asher is my joy, my light, my life and my motivation! I love him beyond words and cannot express how he has inspired me as a person! It was this life event that finally gave me the humanly push I needed to develop my inaugural collection and my brand.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

The Asher Marie Collection offers bright, vibrant and explosive pieces that are inspirational both in their patterns and silhouettes. Asher Marie can transition any woman from day to night, from the boardroom to cocktail hour with friends. Our pieces are travel friendly, with little to no wrinkles and are easy to care for with our machine washable and durable fabrics.

What are your plans for the future? Anything exciting coming you can tell us? 

I couldn’t be more excited to answer this question, so it will take a bit of personal restraint to not share EVERYTHING!  But, what I can say is we are extremely focused on building a lifestyle brand that celebrates women and life!  Naturally, we will be progressing by adding resort wear and lifestyle pieces including, maxi dresses and Athliesure shorts and cropped pants.  Swimwear will ultimately follow sometime in the next few seasons.  We are also planning to participate in a handful of exciting runway shows in 2016 just as we successfully showcased at LA Swim Week earlier this year.  Coastal photo shoots and some noteworthy collaborations are all on the horizon!

What is the meaning behind your brand name, Asher Marie?

My son is named Asher, which means “happy and blessed.”  The second part of my brand name is a family name that extends four generations before me and is also my middle name, “Marie.” Fuse the two together and you have, “Asher Marie.” To me, it symbolizes happiness, blessings and strength for those women who have come before us!

What are your inspirations for your collection?

Asher Marie, as a brand, is inspired by women and our desire to feel good about ourselves while living life.  It may sound cliché, but when I became a mother, I felt like I lost a piece of myself in the daily grind.  I was used to juggling family, friends, a social calendar and multiple businesses, but throw in a baby and life became a lot less about me and a lot more about him!  I wanted to create something that would allow me and my friends to effortlessly feel sexy and fresh without the fuss… Our gorgeous prints are inspired by life’s celebrations.  Deep moonlit conversations; barefoot walks on the beach with the sun at your back; colorful markets filled with ripe fruits and crafty finds of the Caribbean; exotic textiles from Europe; road trips with sisters or your best girlfriends; or even the simple Sunday brunch.  I believe all women are connected in spirit and Asher Marie is inspired by mothers, entrepreneurs, grandmothers, college students, women who love to travel, enjoy fine food or the arts.  Asher Marie is made for any woman who wants to feel good about herself and participate in vibrant prints, while embracing classic silhouettes. My goal with each collection is to push the boundaries, ever so slightly.  When you walk into a boutique that carries Asher Marie, you may find everyone from aged 21 to 71 purchasing and loving our pieces.

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