Q&A with fashion designer Bruna Sibilio

When did you know you wanted to become a fashion designer? 


I discovered I wanted to work as a stylist right after graduating a technical course in fashion design, despite all affinities I had since childhood, I needed more training and more knowledge to be sure what I really wanted, and follow this great path.

How did you get your start?


I started working the area after graduating in fashion, I worked as a seamstress, then I became a style assistant, and then I was hired to be designer of a clothing wholesale in São Paulo, the fashion hub in Brazil

What is the fashion design industry like?


The fashion industry for me is the creative process working side by side with PLANNING collection / production AND COST. Today, we designers, have to be able to see garment production’s big picture, know what is and is not feasible for the manufacturer, in moments crisis here in Brazil, we can not afford to create luxurious concepts and not exactly know the final cost.

How would you describe your brand to someone?


Today I work in two brands, BRUNA SIBILIO DESIGN where I provide service for clothing wholesalers and I’m also developing collections (women’s clothing) with exclusive prints, and OCTAVIA brand, where me and my partner and good friend Martha Baldan, have developed timeless models with modeling that values the good fit and totally unique prints.

Who is your customer?

The BRUNA SIBILIO DESIGN’s customer now is wholesaler, women’s segment, timeless models and also plus size. Now the Octavia’s customer is the person who enjoys exclusivity in every way, my partner is modeler, is great in finishing trim fabrics and I provide the creation models and prints.


Who would you love to dress in your designs?

Well, I’d love to see the Brazilian Fluvia Lacerda wearing my collection for the plus size segment.

See all of Bruna’s artwork and designs on her website here.

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