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Candace JordanCan you tell us about yourself? How you got to where you are today and all the good beginning and middle stuff too?

Well, this is really too much to write about as it was a looooonnnggg journey!  I don’t think you have enough room in your blog!  LOL!  Suffice it to say, I started modeling at age 13, was valedictorian of my class in my small hometown of Dupo, Ill.  I received a scholarship to St. Louis University, but was so tired of school.  So, coincidentally, at about this time, a new St. Louis Playboy Club had come into being…. a girlfriend suggested I go for an interview and I was hired.  After doing a “Best Bunnies” pictorial, I was invited to transfer to Chicago, Playboy’s hub, and move into the Playboy Mansion.  It was a dream world with Hef in residence at the time.  The girls were great, the parties were awesome and I loved it!  I became Playboy Bunny of the Year in 1976 and a centerfold in December 1979.  I worked at the Club for another couple of years and then quit to resume my modeling, which took me to Europe and New York, where I had a billboard in Times Square for JVC.  I also filmed a small part in Risky Business with Tom Cruise (I still get residual checks!).


Candace Jordan

Photo by Tom Staebler

I see you were the fashion editor of TCW, what did you do for them as editor? 

As an editor, I styled the fashion features as well as the cover.  I loved doing it as I met so many great women.  When founder Sherren Leigh started the online version of the magazine, she asked me if I wanted to write a blog for it, which I did.  When I quit, I continued my blog on my own, which has lots of fans, not only in Chicago, but around the world.


Being in the public eye, what would you say is the hardest and easiest thing about your job? 

The best thing about being in the public eye is having interaction with people…. not only people you know, but making new friends as well.  The hardest thing is looking your best even when you’re just going to the grocery store!  LOL!


Candace-Jordan-Ansel-and-Opie-04You have been called a style icon and style trendsetter? What does style mean to you and what would you consider your distinct style?  

Style means knowing yourself.  It means wearing what makes you feel good and not dressing for other people.  You don’t have to have money to have style–as a matter of fact, some of the most stylish women I know shop at the cheapest spots.  It means having a good eye for the unique and knowing what to do with it once you find it.  I consider my haircut to be my signature.  When I first started modeling, all of the photographers would always slick my hair back.  I finally got the hint!


Can you tell us about your blog and what we could expect when we look at it? 
Candace Jordan

Photo by Amie Hana

The intent of my blog, as well as my award-winning Internet show (Candid Candace TV on YouTube), is to “bring people to the party.” From film premieres to
charity galas and hot parties, I bring the event to life through my descriptions and photos, as well as with videos.  It’s a look behind the velvet ropes, so to speak. I also love to add funny videos and updates on anything exciting I might be involved with.


What is something you want everyone to know?

My husband and I love to collect rare books.  We have both the English and American first editions of all the Harry Potter books signed by J.K. Rowling as well as signed movie scripts from the films.  We also have two adorable Chihuahuas, Mickey and Rooney, who we adore and spoil to death.

Candace Jordan

Photo by Amie Hana

I think it’s amazing all the events, committees, and things you support, I have to ask how do you find time?

 I’m not a good time manager so this isn’t an easy question for me…. I’ve learned to pick my spots…. in the past, I tried to go/do everything. I realize now, by being more selective, that everything works out much better and I’m a lot happier!


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