Maximum Watts

It’s been a while since we posted anything, particularly an editorial. This is only the second time we have shot with a male since we started the blog and the first time since we switched to mens fashion only. To top it off, this is the second time we shot with this model, Michael Watts. We have improved a lot since the last time but check out his first shoot with us here. No particular inspiration with this shoot, we are just continuing to fine tune our photographic style. Hope you enjoy!

Michael Watts
Michael Watts
Michael Watts
Michael Watts
Michael Watts
Michael Watts

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to all our subscribers. We hope you get your Valentino Valentine. Those of you celebrating Singles Awareness Day, be sure to pamper yourself a bit. You deserve it.

Sanci Travels: Return of the Product Shot

Editorial and e-commerce shots for Sanci Travels

I started as a product photographer and recently got interested in the editorial fashion genre. The last year and a half has been a learning process and I just discovered a personal style that we will expand our editorial galleries with. Producing, shooting and retouching two shoots a month has been a lot of work so we decided to slow down a bit and produce one fashion editorial and one product shot a month (with some other projects in the pipeline). First up is some commissioned work from Sanci Travels, a travel inspired jewelry line from Canada. As with the editorials, it will take a while to find a style. We hope you enjoy watching the transformation with us. See everything in the Sanci Travels line here.

On location with Lexie… sort of

Lexie Tapper makes a quarry a little less rocky and a lot more chic.

An early snowfall forced us to move our planned location shoot indoors but we still wanted a “location” shoot. So we decided to attempt to fake it. Shooting on location and the dropping the subject into a background is no easy task. Lighting direction and quality must be matched so careful planning and lots of pre-production must be done. Then tons of Photoshop to achieve the resulting images. Lexie Tapper is an amazingly talented model and gave us some great images by themselves. Adding the quarry environment, made them just a bit better. We hope you like them as much as we do, enjoy!

DRESS: BCBG (The Boutique) NECKLACE: Topshop

SHIRT: Alexander McQueen, COAT: Rachel Zoe, SKIRT: By Johnny, SHOES: Candies, TIGHTS: Lemon

DRESS: House of Zhivago, HAT: Nine West, GLOVES: Fownes Brothers, SHOES: Nine West, TIGHTS: Lemon
TUX DRESS: Rachel Zoe, TURTLENECK CROP: Nytt, SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker, SHOES: Candies, TIGHTS: Lemon
TOP: Equipment Femme, SKIRT: Mason, COAT: Ms. Selfridge, TIGHTS: Lemon
DRESS: Lanvin, BELT: Ms. Selfridge

Photographer: Ansel and Opie
Styling/ Hair: Ansel and Opie
Make up: Shelby Stingley
Model: Lexie Tapper, MA @kiraalexander Benz Models, NEXT Model Miami, New York Model Management, Freedom Models, The Peak Agency, Caryn Model and Talent