Sanci Travels: Featured Brand

Sandra: Designer and owner of Sanci Travels

How did you become a jewelry designer?

Jewelry to me always felt very personal.  It had to symbolize something, whether it be my children’s initials or something that represented a place in my life.  What made it even more personal was the idea of making my own jewelry with these special meanings.  It started out as a hobby, taking workshops and experimenting.  When people started to notice the little trinkets I was making, I decided I should pursue this.  It truly brings so much joy to me to be able to share my creations with other people.

Where do you draw inspiration?

I travel a lot. And through my travels, I experience different cultures and styles.  When I see something I like, whether it is a shape of a statute or the meaning behind a certain monument, I immediately interpret that into something I can bring into my collection.

Tell us about your design style?

I’m a true Gemini and my moods and style reflect that.  One season I may be into pearls, another season it’s just silver I want to work with.  It really depends on my mood and what I see around me.  But most of all, my pieces always carry a meaning behind them.  Anyone can come up with a design and mass produce it, but I believe that putting thought and love into something you are passionate about means more than just wearing a piece of jewelry.

Tell us about your design style?

I’m a true Gemini and my moods and style reflect that.  One season I may be into pearls, another season it’s just silver I want to work with.  It really depends on my mood and what I see around me.  But most of all, my pieces always carry a meaning behind them.  Anyone can come up with a design and mass produce it, but I believe that putting thought and love into something you are passionate about means more than just wearing a piece of jewelry.

What are you favorite jewelry trends right now?

To be quite honest, as much as I love the latest in fashion, I don’t tend to follow trends very much.  Trends come and go, what stays is what you will wear forever.


What is the most challenging part of owning your own business?

I am the worst salesperson and I am terrible at making pitches.  Luckily, I have people see through my stumbling and tongue twists and over time, my confidence has risen as well.

To shop and learn more, visit the Sanci Travels website.

TUKUTUKUM: Featured Brand

Founder and Creative Director of Tukutukum, Tugba Kuzdere

Tell us about your business…

TUKUTUKUM was created by an Istanbul-based artist Tugba Kuzdere, who embraced textile design & production following her long envisaged passion for fashion. TUKUTUKUM is quickly becoming the most coveted luxury lifestyle brand, with handmade scarves that perfectly compliment any outfit for any occasion. Each collection is the end product of a delicately themed design process that draws inspiration from contemporary art and real life stories. Tugba’s design is founded on her appreciation for unique, timeless elegance and deep admiration for the arts and crafts tradition. Her visual language conveys a quirky, bold and experimental vision. In her prints she explores elements of cultural heritage, geometrical proportions, concept of contemporary culture & issues. Each scarf design contains a hidden world. TUKUTUKUM exclusive collections are crafted by some of the most eminent fashion garment artisans in Turkey, using sustainable resources, modern production technologies, and authentic craftsmanship. Our silk scarves are made from 100% pure silk and are manufactured in Turkey. The scarves are hand finished by skilled locals. TUKUTUKUM creates scarves for the free-spirited, sophisticated and modern woman who has the desire to enhance her individuality. So get inspired by the cute eye-catching designs and the many ways you can wear those to express your personal style. Passionately design and skillfully created. TUKUTUKUM scarves are designed in Istanbul.


What inspired you to start your business?

I have always expressed myself with fashion. Did design consultancy, visual merchandising and buying. At last it was my moment to create my own brand. I wanted to create something sexy, cool and fun by using the opportunity of the craftsman and quality of Turkey.


Where do the inspirations come from for the designs?

All the collections we have, we focus on strong prints and high quality fabrics. ‘West’ thinks Turkish people are conservative, close-minded and so traditional. Which is not true so I want to create designs that show the world that Turkey is not only a production country but also a country of very colorful, creative people. A dream, fantasy or an art piece, even a very attractive woman on the street…they are all my inspirations.



Who is the ideal customer?

A strong, glam woman who is not afraid of taking all the attention. Also we create some capsule pieces for children and men.


If you could see anyone in your designs, who would it be and why?

Would be Katy Perry as a style icon and a strong influencer.



Where do you see the business in 5-10 years?

Right now we start exporting our brand to Hong Kong, Portugal, NY and Ireland. So our focus is being an international brand. Also we will be launching our new online shop soon, which provides a shopping experience from all around the world.


Visit to see the entire collection.

Design Row: Featured Brand

Tricia, Nicole and Natalie: Founders of Design Row

What is Design Row?

Design Row is a new e-commerce shopping and social media experience. We share the looks we love on social, tell you about the latest trends on our blog, and give you the goods you need on our website.


How did Design Row get its start?

After attending a conference in Palm Springs three colleagues and friends, a design entrepreneur, a creative director and a PR director, did some shopping to “unwind.” A little light bulb went off as the three realized that by combining a high fashion aesthetic with insight into the interior and luxury industries, we could create something fresh, powerful and exciting. A cohesive, curated all-inclusive way to shop for everything to fill your home, your purse and your heart.

What was the inspiration?

The inspiration had a lot to do with the convergence we have been seeing between the worlds of interior and fashion. We believe that by once you know your aesthetic you can extend it to furniture, home décor, fashion accessories, and even ethics. Ethics and the importance of giving back are near and dear to the Design Row heart. Our “Karma” section is a place for us to showcase the products and manufacturers who are doing good works by giving back to charitable causes. We’re grateful for all we have, and are passionate about turning our gratitude into action.

Design Row

What are you favorite pieces that you sell right now?

Aesthetically, our love of all things blush and rose gold. That makes the Rosey Cheeks chair and the One Night Stand table 2 of our favorite décor pieces. While the Psychedelic Solution / Live FAST Rose Lucite / Gradient are some amazing sunglasses. And of course our love of the fashion industry makes the “Besties” phone case a must have! Our commitment to give-back brands makes us especially love Falling Whistles. These simple, but striking necklaces call attention to the need for social change in Congo.

How do does Design Row incorporate fashion with interiors?

We apply the same critical eye to everything on our site as we do to what we wear. The playful, fun part of choosing you wardrobe can be expanded on and brought into the home. Thus, we make sure our products are beautiful, whimsical and of the highest quality. We have the “LBD” items you can’t live without, as well as the splurge items (think Louboutins but in the form of stools).


What is next for Design Row?

A girl can’t give away all her secrets… But you can trust that we will keep our finger on the pulse of the trends, so you can always count on fresh new products being added to the site. Our blog will be where we share our insider tips on all things style, so stay tuned!

Love Your Melon: Featured Brand

Photo Courtesy of Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon Adds Warmth to a Cold Disease

Cancer is a lot of things. While there are a plethora of words you could use to describe it, it’s not about the words. It’s about the actions. If I were to explain to someone who had no idea what it was, I would say cancer is like a bomb. It acts explosively- it is damaging, and it is deadly. Above all, really, it is devastating. It forces a kind of pain that expands beyond physical. It hurts more than those directly hit, coming out of nowhere, and with no target in particular. Loved ones, friends, co-workers, children. It has no target. While it may be many things, cancer is not biased.

So how do we shine a little light on this devastating illness? Aside from miraculously discovering a cure, how can we get cancer’s patients to escape reality? Just for a moment at least- just long enough for a smile to form alongside tired eyes and cheeks that used to be rosy.

Let’s add a little warmth to something that is so cold.

That’s what Zach and Brian of the University of St. Thomas said anyway. In an effort to lift the spirits of those spending countless nights in a cold hospital bed, enduring rounds of treatment while they choke back tears of mixed emotions, the duo came up with an idea. “Let’s make hats,” they said “and let’s get one for every child in America battling cancer.” Through their buy one give one program, they were able to reserve 45,000 hats to children across the United States battling cancer. Now, 50% of every product sold through this company is donated to research funds.

The products are recognizable by the trademark “Love Your Melon” patch on the front (and of course the adorable knitted design that also comes in several colors). All customers should know they are showing their melon a little warm love while showing a child with cancer some warmth and love too.

Learn more or support the cause on the website.

Asher Marie: Featured Brand

Kaylee Schatz Berg: CEO of Asher Marie

Tell us the Asher Marie story…and how did you get into fashion?

Asher Marie has been a dream of mine since I was a young girl in grade school. Although it didn’t yet have a name or a specific purpose, I always knew I wanted to create a brand; something that would be shared by women around the world and allow myself a creative outlet. For me, it had to have a global purpose. This was before social media had been invented, the Internet was a pastime and smartphones were daily accessories. From a very early age, I knew the world was much bigger than me and I had the vision of creating something that could be shared by many. After following a more “traditional” collegiate path, I started to develop my ideas, fashion sketches, scrapbooks and vision boards. It took over ten years for my ideas to become tangible and for me to gather the courage to take the leap of faith to create Asher Marie. While creative, I have always been a very calculated person. I am grateful for my decade-long professional real estate and interior design career, as it gave me the discipline and business focus I needed to launch a global brand. Then, about three and a half years ago, the most amazingly spectacular thing happened to me: I became a mommy to my son, Asher. He truly is my greatest gift. Asher is my joy, my light, my life and my motivation! I love him beyond words and cannot express how he has inspired me as a person! It was this life event that finally gave me the humanly push I needed to develop my inaugural collection and my brand.

Asher Marie

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

The Asher Marie Collection offers bright, vibrant and explosive pieces that are inspirational both in their patterns and silhouettes. Asher Marie can transition any woman from day to night, from the boardroom to cocktail hour with friends. Our pieces are travel friendly, with little to no wrinkles and are easy to care for with our machine washable and durable fabrics.

Asher Marie: Image by KADAN PHOTO GROUP

What are your plans for the future? Anything exciting coming you can tell us? 

I couldn’t be more excited to answer this question, so it will take a bit of personal restraint to not share EVERYTHING!  But, what I can say is we are extremely focused on building a lifestyle brand that celebrates women and life!  Naturally, we will be progressing by adding resort wear and lifestyle pieces including, maxi dresses and Athliesure shorts and cropped pants.  Swimwear will ultimately follow sometime in the next few seasons.  We are also planning to participate in a handful of exciting runway shows in 2016 just as we successfully showcased at LA Swim Week earlier this year.  Coastal photo shoots and some noteworthy collaborations are all on the horizon!

Asher Marie

What is the meaning behind your brand name, Asher Marie?

My son is named Asher, which means “happy and blessed.”  The second part of my brand name is a family name that extends four generations before me and is also my middle name, “Marie.” Fuse the two together and you have, “Asher Marie.” To me, it symbolizes happiness, blessings and strength for those women who have come before us!

Asher Marie

What are your inspirations for your collection?

Asher Marie, as a brand, is inspired by women and our desire to feel good about ourselves while living life.  It may sound cliché, but when I became a mother, I felt like I lost a piece of myself in the daily grind.  I was used to juggling family, friends, a social calendar and multiple businesses, but throw in a baby and life became a lot less about me and a lot more about him!  I wanted to create something that would allow me and my friends to effortlessly feel sexy and fresh without the fuss… Our gorgeous prints are inspired by life’s celebrations.  Deep moonlit conversations; barefoot walks on the beach with the sun at your back; colorful markets filled with ripe fruits and crafty finds of the Caribbean; exotic textiles from Europe; road trips with sisters or your best girlfriends; or even the simple Sunday brunch.  I believe all women are connected in spirit and Asher Marie is inspired by mothers, entrepreneurs, grandmothers, college students, women who love to travel, enjoy fine food or the arts.  Asher Marie is made for any woman who wants to feel good about herself and participate in vibrant prints, while embracing classic silhouettes. My goal with each collection is to push the boundaries, ever so slightly.  When you walk into a boutique that carries Asher Marie, you may find everyone from aged 21 to 71 purchasing and loving our pieces.

Launch Your Collection: Featured Brand

Launch Your Collection is a one-stop shop apparel launch company for emerging fashion brands.

Tell us about your background.

I am the founder of Launch Your Collection, the author of the book, Becoming a Fashion Designer (Wiley), which published worldwide in English in 2013, published in Mandarin in May 2015, and will publish in Arabic in 2018, and a New York fashion industry veteran, having worked for Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and J. Mendel.

Launch Your Collection

What kind of response have you had to your new site?

We have received a solid, steady stream of traffic to our website, which we believe comes from the wide array of products and services that we offer, our fun and engaging social media posts, and our compelling website design. I designed the website myself, and as the founder of Launch Your Collection, I wanted to ensure that it offered an inviting brand experience, where creative entrepreneurs could come to get educated on both the creative and business aspects of fashion, learn what we do and get launched – all at the same time, while being inspired along the way. We have become famous for our inspirational library, with new categories being added monthly!


What sets you apart from other consultants or agencies that offer assistance to emerging designers?

I have yet to come across another launch company that provides the breadth and depth of packages, products and services that we offer emerging fashion brands. No matter what stage an emerging fashion designer is in the process, we are here to become their trusted launch partner. Our services range from custom logo and website design and social media channel creation, to product development, from the initial concept stage, to sample and bulk development, including sketching, fabric/trim sourcing and tech pack development. Our clients will even get to participate in remote fit sessions with their very own fit models! We create lookbooks, linesheets, media kits, customized buyer order forms, provide our clients with valuable tools, such as our Fashion Branding Guide and our Fashion Attorney Guide, teach them how to write a business plan, how to cost their line, and how to conduct press outreach with a special insider tool called Get Media Happy from Launch Grow Joy. From there, we help promote, market and sell their line. We take pride in tailoring our services to each of our client’s unique needs, so an emerging fashion brand receives only as much or as little guidance as they need to get launched.

Launch Your Collection

Tell us about your new website,

Launch Your Collection is a one-stop apparel launch company for emerging fashion brands. Whether a creative entrepreneur has a fashion design degree or no fashion background whatsoever, we creatively guide them step-by-step through the launch process, with one simple goal in mind: To turn their fashion vision into a commercially viable apparel collection.

Launch Your Collection

Tell us why designers would benefit from your services?

No matter what stage an aspiring fashion designer is in the process, Launch Your Collection can help them get launch ready. We offer all the necessary products and services needed to create an apparel collection from the initial concept stage. I have also put together a fantastic team of people who are superstars in their respective areas of expertise. Along with myself, we have a technical designer, a director of sales and marketing and a brand stylist – who all work collaboratively to give our clients the very best expertise for their apparel launch. The process of launching a fashion brand is a very complex one, with so many different moving parts. We pool all of our years of experience together to help our clients save valuable time and avoid costly setbacks.

Launch Your Collection

What’s next?

We are in the process of launching our LYC Fashion Series, which will be comprised of webinars and online educational courses. We think this is going to be an exciting addition to our portfolio of products and services that we currently offer, and add a valuable component for our clientele base.

For help in any stage of your collection, visit Launch Your Collection here.

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