Juanita Lyon: Featured Artist

Juanita Lyon, an Australian native, found her way to LA and into the fashion scene.

Juanita Lyon

Tell us about yourself and how you got into the industry?

I was interested in art at an early age. I loved to draw, so with the little money my parents had they sent me to private art classes. I also used to buy every teen fashion magazine in Australia and I would constantly analyze the hair and makeup on the models. It made sense to become a hairdresser, I felt I could be creative, have artistic freedom and utilize my love for color. I served a four-year apprenticeship as a hairdresser in Australia then decided I wanted to be involved in fashion. I travelled around the world at twenty-one living in London and Spain. Then I moved to Los Angeles where I attended Otis Parsons School of Design where I studied bronze casting and sculpture, which lead me to work in a special effects lab for 2 years. There I worked on a few movies like Mars Attacks, and Face Off. After a while I decided I wanted to learn how to do beauty makeup so I attended Westmore makeup academy. After graduating I worked for free for 3 months to gain experience, then I was lucky enough to meet an artist who hired me regularly as his assistant working on set. It was quite a journey to end up where I did.

Juanita Lyon

What are your favorite beauty and hair products?

My favorite beauty products are Orlane Paris and Klarif Skincare. My favorite hair products are Leonore Greyl, Oribe and Kevin Murphy. I carry them in my kit at all times. They’re definitely my go-to products at the moment.


What is your creative process, do you always know what you will do going into a shoot?

Most of the time I’m given specific directions prior to the shoot. Sometimes I’ll have to execute those ideas exactly, however these can also be what we call in the industry ‘mood boards’ which are created to provide a sense, and a jumping off point, for what the photographer wants to achieve. You have to be prepared for anything. I normally start analyzing as soon as I see my subject. I will constantly run ideas through my head until a final decision has been made by the client and I’ve executed what is required.

Juanita Lyon

Do you have aspirations to create your own makeup line?

Right now I’m concentrating on work and enjoying my life. I love what I do.


Any hair and makeup tips you can share?

I believe less is more. It’s about celebrating your own style when it comes to hair and makeup. Let your freckles show! Don’t cover your whole face with foundation just conceal where you need to. Play with the natural texture of your hair and don’t use too much product.

Juanita Lyon

What advice do you give to aspiring hair or makeup professionals to get where you are?

Acquiring the skills necessary is a given. You’ll be expected to know your craft. Where people get it wrong is set etiquette. This is probably the most important skill in the business. You need to be aware of what’s going on around you at all times. You will need to understand the wants and needs of the professionals, actors, models, talent etc. and most of all, the client and the photographer. Be willing. Be accommodating. It’s primarily common sense, and these skills are acquired through the experience of being on set.

Try to assist as many people as possible. There is something to be learnt from everyone. Test with photographers and build your book. This is a tough industry. You have to learn to take the good with the bad, and never give up.

Juanita Lyon
Juanita Lyon

To see more of her fashion, celebrity or other work, visit Juanita’s website.

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Faye Lauren: Featured Artist

Freelance make-up artist Faye Lauren

Tell us your story?

I used to wear a ton of makeup. I’m talking about glitter. It was terrible but it got me interested in makeup. I got a job at an Estée Lauder counter with no experience doing makeup on 50+ mature women. MAC didn’t want me. Funny enough I’ve never worked for MAC ever. I’ve worked with multiple other brands. Went to makeup school for a month on a scholarship while living in Florida at the time. Already doing some photo shoots at that point. I got a job over the phone working for Make Up For Ever in New York City. I moved in two weeks where I lived in my Grandmother’s basement apartment for a year and a half traveling two hours a day to work. Eventually I booked a lot of work here and put down roots in New York City. Started assisting senior artists and booked low rate clients of my own. I think I really got lucky in the beginning of my career. I have a go-getter personality and introduced myself to people. Knocked on every door until I turned many no’s into a few yes’s. It’s an ongoing journey.

What element of your job do you like the most?

I would say showing someone how to look like their best self. It can be really rewarding. I love connecting with people in my chair and making them laugh is the best!


What are some jobs that stick out for you the most?

I got flown to London, Chicago, Miami, LA, Turks and Caicos, and the Hamptons for work before. All wonderful experiences! I’ve had some great jobs that make me smile to look back on.

What is in your make up bag? What can’t you live without?

I can’t live without Stila long wear lipstick and liners. NARS brow pencils. Charlotte Tilbury foundation. Kett clear powder. Jack Black lip balms. Into this Maybelline waterproof mascara right now. All my goodies I can’t live without. If I had to leave my house in 5 minutes… I would say brow pencil and curled lashes with a touch of peach concealer by Chanel or Bobbi Brown.


 What do you enjoy more, shoots or shows?

I’ve done many seasons of fashion week. Although a great experience, totally not for me anymore. They are very stressful. I prefer my shoots and video production gigs now.

What has been the biggest challenge working in the industry?

The biggest challenge is shaping who you are and want to be as an artist. Keeping up with what people know of the name you’ve made for yourself. Networking correctly.


Lastly any tips or tricks you can share?

My favorite tricks are under eye skincare patches in the morning. They are THE secret. And 360 curling your lashes to make more of a wave as opposed to a bend. Prep your skin would be the best advice I have to give!

To keep up with all of her latest work, visit Lauren’s website.

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Caitlin Chock: Featured Artist

Caitlin Chock is a writer, author, artist, cartoonist and still finds time to run.

First and foremost, tell us about yourself.

I grew up in Roseville, CA, the oldest of four children. I always loved making up stories for my younger siblings and coming up with art projects to do with them. I took part in lots of different activities and in high school took to track and cross-country. Which eventually led me to Portland, Oregon after I graduated high school to run professionally with Nike. For most of my life my focus was on running but I’d always continued to do art when I wasn’t training just for fun. In 2010 I was struck by a hit and run driver and nearly lost my lower leg. During my recovery from the accident is when I started working as an artist and writer. The doctors told me I would never run again, but I think the fact that I had been a runner (being stubborn and used to that pain and hard work…haha) and that I was quite happy to live in the imaginary in creating my art, helped me stay focused and eventually prove the doctors wrong.

How did you get into doing art? School, driven by passion?

I shared a bit of that above, but I’d say being obsessed with Disney, and later Tim Burton, from my first VHS helped…haha. I was always drawing and art was a passion of mine.


You have a unique style, how did that come to be?

Thank you. I’d say my style is a bit of a ‘marriage’ between Disney and Tim Burton. I’m also very inspired by fashion photography. For so many years people would comment in a negative manner that my characters were ‘too skinny’, but then I saw fashion illustrators and thought, “Hey!! This is what I’m doing!! It’s okay to draw skinny if I want!” So I went even more dramatic with the long, willowy limbs, and got even more angular with my figures.

You’re a freelancer, who have you freelanced for?

I’ve done cards and character illustrations for individuals, businesses, and magazines. Be it for marketing purposes, website headers, logos, or a unique Christmas card or one-of-a-kind gift. As for writing, the majority of my work there has been running related for outlets such as Running Times, Competitor, and RunBlogRun.


Tell us about your writing, what do you write about and who is your audience?

Because of my background in running at a very high level I had both a personal knowledge and experience within the sport as well as contacts with other athletes, experts, and coaches. So I ventured down that avenue for my work there. I also do the ‘fun’ creative writing on my own, and wrote ‘And Then She Ate the Wolf’ (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B010WKCQEA) which is a collection of short tales. Think an adult’s children’s book, giving stories to a few of my character illustrations.

Lastly, tell us about your passion for running, your running shirt line, and your comic strip:)?

I was always active in sports growing up, but have no coordination AT ALL! I won’t lie; I started running cross-country right before high school because I was cut from every other sport. BUT, once I got to the point where I wasn’t sore every day there was this moment when everything clicked and I thought, “THIS!! I LOVE THIS!!” Running gives you a special kind of high and I knew I’d always be a runner. I started my line of Ezzere shirts (www.ezzere.com) during my recovery from the car accident because it united both my passions for art and running and I hoped to inspire others to always dream BIG, just as I did when I refused to accept I’d never run again. And the cartoons…well, I’d say I’m probably about 99% sarcasm, so I had to find an outlet for that. 😉 My Adventures of Leo cartoon series on his Instagram page @leotheshihtz proves he is just as snarky and food-obsessed as his mom.

To follow all of Caitlin’s latest work, be sure to visit her website.

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TUKUTUKUM: Featured Brand

Founder and Creative Director of Tukutukum, Tugba Kuzdere

Tell us about your business…

TUKUTUKUM was created by an Istanbul-based artist Tugba Kuzdere, who embraced textile design & production following her long envisaged passion for fashion. TUKUTUKUM is quickly becoming the most coveted luxury lifestyle brand, with handmade scarves that perfectly compliment any outfit for any occasion. Each collection is the end product of a delicately themed design process that draws inspiration from contemporary art and real life stories. Tugba’s design is founded on her appreciation for unique, timeless elegance and deep admiration for the arts and crafts tradition. Her visual language conveys a quirky, bold and experimental vision. In her prints she explores elements of cultural heritage, geometrical proportions, concept of contemporary culture & issues. Each scarf design contains a hidden world. TUKUTUKUM exclusive collections are crafted by some of the most eminent fashion garment artisans in Turkey, using sustainable resources, modern production technologies, and authentic craftsmanship. Our silk scarves are made from 100% pure silk and are manufactured in Turkey. The scarves are hand finished by skilled locals. TUKUTUKUM creates scarves for the free-spirited, sophisticated and modern woman who has the desire to enhance her individuality. So get inspired by the cute eye-catching designs and the many ways you can wear those to express your personal style. Passionately design and skillfully created. TUKUTUKUM scarves are designed in Istanbul.

What inspired you to start your business?

I have always expressed myself with fashion. Did design consultancy, visual merchandising and buying. At last it was my moment to create my own brand. I wanted to create something sexy, cool and fun by using the opportunity of the craftsman and quality of Turkey.

Where do the inspirations come from for the designs?

All the collections we have, we focus on strong prints and high quality fabrics. ‘West’ thinks Turkish people are conservative, close-minded and so traditional. Which is not true so I want to create designs that show the world that Turkey is not only a production country but also a country of very colorful, creative people. A dream, fantasy or an art piece, even a very attractive woman on the street…they are all my inspirations.



Who is the ideal customer?

A strong, glam woman who is not afraid of taking all the attention. Also we create some capsule pieces for children and men.

If you could see anyone in your designs, who would it be and why?

Would be Katy Perry as a style icon and a strong influencer.



Where do you see the business in 5-10 years?

Right now we start exporting our brand to Hong Kong, Portugal, NY and Ireland. So our focus is being an international brand. Also we will be launching our new online shop soon, which provides a shopping experience from all around the world.

Visit TUKUTUKUM.com to see the entire collection.

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Marcellas Reynolds: Featured Artist

Marcellas Reynolds: Celebrity Stylist, TV Host, Innovative Artist

Tell us a little about yourself, what age did you start to fall in love with fashion?

I am wardrobe stylist and TV presenter Marcellas Reynolds. I live in LA, but travel to New York & Chicago constantly. I was born & raised in Chicago. Fashion was always a part of my life. My mother was an extremely creative & very well dressed woman. My grandmother, the doyenne of our family, believed everyone should be properly dressed at all times. She wore hats, gloves & fur, and shopped at the best stores.


How did you get your start as a stylist?

My career as a stylist really began when I started in retail at 15. I was the only male salesperson in a high-end women’s boutique. I had an impressive clientele and really worked with my customers to create their dream wardrobes. I worked in retail for years & loved it. Every part of it. Sales, merchandising, display. All of it.

What steps did you take?

In 1995 while working at a restaurant in Chicago I was discovered by a very prominent model agent. She started the careers of Cindy Crawford, Shakara Ledard, the Riker Brothers & Colin Egglesfield. I wasn’t the tallest or hottest guy but I had a look & a great personality. I worked well for years & was known for my personal style. It was just a natural progression that I’d begin fashion styling. My 1st gig was for British Vogue. A pal who was an editor didn’t have a stylist (she thought she could do it herself) and asked me. I said yes & so it began. It was a cover try and 6 pages inside. As I was still modeling and in order to really learn the technical side of styling, I assisted a very prominent stylist. That’s how I learned to steam, pin, tuck, sew! The real brass tacks of styling. I learned the good and bad tricks of being a stylist. The lessons were invaluable.

How do you keep up with trends?

I am a voracious reader of magazines. Italian Vogue, Vogue, W, POP, Bazaar, Elle, Surface, Wallpaper, i-D. Everything. I also watch movies from every decade & genre. I spend hours at art museums. I don’t believe in trends necessarily. I believe in beauty. Function. Style. Class. Sophistication. Those things supersede trends. They create them.


Do you attend fashion weeks?

I used to walk in shows as a model. Some of my favorite moments happened backstage at the shows. I opened Ralph, closed Tommy & Nautica. Those moments were brilliant. I’ve attended shows but now with my work as a TV host I’m usually working and can’t attend. Honestly the spectacle of who is attending & who gets front row bores me. It should be about the clothes and the models.

Can you tell us what it is like on set working with photographers? Is there a lot of communication involved during the shoot? How do you prep?

The relationship between stylist and photographer is sacrosanct. When you have a great team that vibes well there is nothing better. It sets the tone for excellence. When the photographer & stylist are in accord it makes it easy for the model to do her job in comfort and feeling supported. It’s the key to great photos. The best photographers use the stylist as another set of eyes. Sometimes we (stylist) see things that the photographer misses.

What is your dream job?

I have my dream job. A few years ago I had to decide what would make me happy. I was constantly chasing a TV career which left my stylist career suffering. I finally decided to go back to what I love. Fashion. Being on sets. Working with models. But I hated styling editorial. There is A LOT of prep work & begging that goes into that. I also hated styling celebrities. I’m bored with the culture of celebrity. I had bad experiences working with celebrities. It’s very competitive. Fashion houses only want to deal with A List stars. Most annoying, celebrities don’t want to pay the stylist or for anything. It’s not worth it. Where is the glamor? I’m now a catalog fashion stylist. I’m signed by Ford Artists. I work with companies like Macy’s, Target, Kohl’s, Bonton, and Meijer. I do the occasional celebrity styling gig. Shoot the occasional editorial for magazines like LadyGUNN, Angeleno & Reflex Homme, and style ad campaigns for stores like Garmany. I’m also brand spokesman for Joyus.com & Midnight Velvet. I work constantly, and for clients I respect, only with companies that give back to the community, and only with people who are respectful of my talent and time.

What does the future hold for you? What’s next?

What’s next for me? More TV. I recently worked for E! again & loved it. I’m pitching my own crime show & a few fashion shows. I have a major book coming. I’m working on a project with publisher Sterling Lord Literistic that is really taking shape. I’m thinking about designing a fashion line. But first look for me collaborating with several brands as a way to get my feet wet as a designer!

To follow his latest work, visit marcellasreynolds.com

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Design Row: Featured Brand

Tricia, Nicole and Natalie: Founders of Design Row

What is Design Row?

Design Row is a new e-commerce shopping and social media experience. We share the looks we love on social, tell you about the latest trends on our blog, and give you the goods you need on our website.


How did Design Row get its start?

After attending a conference in Palm Springs three colleagues and friends, a design entrepreneur, a creative director and a PR director, did some shopping to “unwind.” A little light bulb went off as the three realized that by combining a high fashion aesthetic with insight into the interior and luxury industries, we could create something fresh, powerful and exciting. A cohesive, curated all-inclusive way to shop for everything to fill your home, your purse and your heart.

What was the inspiration?

The inspiration had a lot to do with the convergence we have been seeing between the worlds of interior and fashion. We believe that by once you know your aesthetic you can extend it to furniture, home décor, fashion accessories, and even ethics. Ethics and the importance of giving back are near and dear to the Design Row heart. Our “Karma” section is a place for us to showcase the products and manufacturers who are doing good works by giving back to charitable causes. We’re grateful for all we have, and are passionate about turning our gratitude into action.

What are you favorite pieces that you sell right now?

Aesthetically, our love of all things blush and rose gold. That makes the Rosey Cheeks chair and the One Night Stand table 2 of our favorite décor pieces. While the Psychedelic Solution / Live FAST Rose Lucite / Gradient are some amazing sunglasses. And of course our love of the fashion industry makes the “Besties” phone case a must have! Our commitment to give-back brands makes us especially love Falling Whistles. These simple, but striking necklaces call attention to the need for social change in Congo.

How do does Design Row incorporate fashion with interiors?

We apply the same critical eye to everything on our site as we do to what we wear. The playful, fun part of choosing you wardrobe can be expanded on and brought into the home. Thus, we make sure our products are beautiful, whimsical and of the highest quality. We have the “LBD” items you can’t live without, as well as the splurge items (think Louboutins but in the form of stools).


What is next for Design Row?

A girl can’t give away all her secrets… But you can trust that we will keep our finger on the pulse of the trends, so you can always count on fresh new products being added to the site. Our blog will be where we share our insider tips on all things style, so stay tuned!

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