Polish born, Chicago based designer. Eva Pazola

Eva Pazola is a Chicago based fashion designer. She was invited to be a part of The Chicago Designer Showcase at The Chicago Apparel Mart, in 1987 and this is what put her future career on the map. After one year in business, her line (under the name of EVA PAZOLA FASHIONS) started being carried in 15 boutiques all over the country. In 1988, Eva pursued her love of designing further and was able to open her first boutique in downtown Chicago. After being introduced to the “image consulting” part of fashion, Eva gradually switched to creating custom clothing for women. Eva’s journey of dressing women in Chicago has continued successfully for over 20 years. In 2010, she reinvented herself with a new, ready- to- wear collection along with the opening of her new store in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Eva’s keen attention to detail is vital in designing for women and complimenting the female form. Her artistry combines intuition and understanding of cut, shape, and construction of garments: this affects how women feel in their own skin.

Eva Pazola

Eva is married with 2 children and a stepson. Her husband, Allan Goldin, is the former president of Evelyn Wood’s Reading Dynamics and a creator of the Fantasy Baseball Concept. Her daughter, Aleksandra, currently resides in Los Angeles, California and is pursuing her dream of becoming a writer. Her son, Luke completed the Appalachian Trail and is searching for a new life venture at the Pacific Coast. Her stepson Gary lives in California and enjoys his travels through the country. Eva is very close to her family. The support and love from her husband is a big part of her success. She is very passionate, energetic, and loves history, philosophy and reading. You would love to be invited to one of her garden parties and be welcomed by her warm personality. Eva Pazola’s story began in Europe behind the “Iron Curtain.” Born and raised in Poznan, Poland, she left her childhood dream of becoming a journalist and started designing clothing as a natural way of expressing herself. In the eighties, everything changed. After receiving countless love letters from her then-boyfriend, she was persuaded to pick up and move her whole life to a new country, the United States. After being in Chicago for only one week, she got married and began her new life! Without knowing a lick of English Eva started her American life working as a seamstress at the high-end boutique. Less than three years later, with the help of her first husband, she opened her own business and started living her dream. Her natural abilities in designing and constructing garments allowed her to open her fashion business, first in Poland, and then in Chicago. She continued her education through experience and practice. By working with image consultants, she found passion in helping women to develop their own style and to understand the true meaning of fashion. Teaching classes at fashion colleges has helped her to feel connected and to share her experiences with students. Her success as a fashion designer, business owner, and image consultant has prepared her to make the next step and introduce EVA PAZOLA Designs to the rest of the country.

Eva Pazola Fashion Shows attendance include: Chicago Apparel Mart, Chicago Fashion Council, The Art of Fashion- Chicago Fashion Week, the Drake Hotel Shows. Media: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Social Magazine, Sheridan Road Magazine, Today Chicago Women, Naperville Magazine.

Eva Pazola

Eva is vibrant and unique. Her optimism and curiosity has led her to develop pretentious interest, ranging from opera to French food, and all things alike. She loves to state her opinion, talk a little too much, and be a part of any discussion.

Eva has traveled to many exotic countries such as Bali and Brazil and uses her experiences in her designs. She takes inspiration from her love of Einstein, Beethoven and Pavarotti.

All pieces from Eva Pazola Collection are available for sale at her boutique in Riverwoods.

Eva Pazola

See the rest of Eva’s Spring 2016 collection here.

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