Cool weather and fall fashion, does it get any better?

I have always had a passion for aviation. I have been going to air shows for as long as I can recall and I even have multiple family members and friends that are pilots. We had been discussing a location shoot using airplanes for a while, and our generous friends Andrea and Jeff, along with the Marion Airport, made that possible. We hope you love it.

Fall fashion hot items include gray suits, short skirts and tartan prints. Don’t forget to accessorize with faux furs, black boots and go heavy on the sparkly bling.


Photography: Ansel and Opie
Styling: Ansel and Opie
Make-up: Shelby Stingley
Hair: Thompson & Co.


Special thanks to Andrea and Jeff for providing use of their Cessna and to the Marion Airport for letting us run around the grounds. If you want to see a cute one of a kind airport (or get a pilots license) go visit. Seriously. You can visualize decades worth of stories being told in the lounge.