Freelance make-up artist Faye Lauren

Tell us your story?

I used to wear a ton of makeup. I’m talking about glitter. It was terrible but it got me interested in makeup. I got a job at an Estée Lauder counter with no experience doing makeup on 50+ mature women. MAC didn’t want me. Funny enough I’ve never worked for MAC ever. I’ve worked with multiple other brands. Went to makeup school for a month on a scholarship while living in Florida at the time. Already doing some photo shoots at that point. I got a job over the phone working for Make Up For Ever in New York City. I moved in two weeks where I lived in my Grandmother’s basement apartment for a year and a half traveling two hours a day to work. Eventually I booked a lot of work here and put down roots in New York City. Started assisting senior artists and booked low rate clients of my own. I think I really got lucky in the beginning of my career. I have a go-getter personality and introduced myself to people. Knocked on every door until I turned many no’s into a few yes’s. It’s an ongoing journey.

What element of your job do you like the most?

I would say showing someone how to look like their best self. It can be really rewarding. I love connecting with people in my chair and making them laugh is the best!


What are some jobs that stick out for you the most?

I got flown to London, Chicago, Miami, LA, Turks and Caicos, and the Hamptons for work before. All wonderful experiences! I’ve had some great jobs that make me smile to look back on.

What is in your make up bag? What can’t you live without?

I can’t live without Stila long wear lipstick and liners. NARS brow pencils. Charlotte Tilbury foundation. Kett clear powder. Jack Black lip balms. Into this Maybelline waterproof mascara right now. All my goodies I can’t live without. If I had to leave my house in 5 minutes… I would say brow pencil and curled lashes with a touch of peach concealer by Chanel or Bobbi Brown.


 What do you enjoy more, shoots or shows?

I’ve done many seasons of fashion week. Although a great experience, totally not for me anymore. They are very stressful. I prefer my shoots and video production gigs now.

What has been the biggest challenge working in the industry?

The biggest challenge is shaping who you are and want to be as an artist. Keeping up with what people know of the name you’ve made for yourself. Networking correctly.


Lastly any tips or tricks you can share?

My favorite tricks are under eye skincare patches in the morning. They are THE secret. And 360 curling your lashes to make more of a wave as opposed to a bend. Prep your skin would be the best advice I have to give!

To keep up with all of her latest work, visit Lauren’s website.

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