Celebrity Fashion Photographer: Angelo Kritikos


What is fashion photography to you? Is there a right or wrong way?

Fashion photography to me is my way of expressing myself. I shoot what I like and I like people & fashion. No matter what the project is, I'm always shooting a reflection of my personal style or what I'm going through at that time. I often shoot at places around town that I like to hang out at. I dress my subjects in clothes that I would want to wear. 'Technically' I'm not a good photographer at all. I don't care if my exposure is correct or if my composition is perfect. I just like the feeling I get when I'm creating art and there’s no wrong way to doing that.


What’s your personal style?

This is the most difficult question for me to answer since my personal style is always changing. One day I dress sporty, the next day I dress punk. It all really depends on my mood. I'm super into dope brands like UNIF, Discount Universe, Drop Dead, Two Halves, Topman and Adidas. I'm really specific with my taste in fashion, music, people and places.


What is your favorite medium to shoot? Digital, analog, Polaroid?

I bought an Instax camera this year and I love shooting with it! The Polaroid snapshots look and feel so much more intimate than shooting hundreds of digital pics.


What is something you do to stay inspired?

Anytime photography begins to feel like a 'job' for me, I tend to push it away and take on more creative projects. A year ago I directed my first music video and it was so exciting and challenging for me. Picking up a new art medium was a nice way to break up my photography work.


How do you stay current with trends, pop culture, and industry changes?

I'm all about underground shit. I'd rather shoot with a beautiful poet or an emerging artist over shooting a trendy hot celeb. The last two years shooting, I learned that trends, along with people in pop culture are all the same. Now my focus is shooting people who beat to their own drum and are authentically themselves. To answer your question- I don't stay 'current' with all the cool changes happening in my industry. I'm just making my own waves and not riding others.

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