Photographer: Ash Reynolds


How did you get your start in photography?

I grew up in Australia and had a K1000 that I used to carry around with me everywhere and shoot mainly abstract landscapes. When I was younger it didn't seem like an option to do this as a career and make a living out of it especially growing up in a small town.

After studying in Perth I moved to London to begin assisting, I worked with various fashion and beauty photographers before being offered a full time position as Sølve Sundsbø's first assistant. I stayed with Sølve for 4 years and then started out on my own. 


Who have you shot for?

I have two stories coming out this month, one for L'Express Style and one for Italian Vogue online. I have worked with designers including Thom Browne, Christian Louboutin, Preen and Todd Lynn on commercial projects.

I am still very new and constantly working on new projects and new collaborations.  


Do you have a favorite and why?

I always love working with Thom Browne as he is always pushing the boundaries and I find what he does so inspiring.

In London I love working with Todd Lynn as it's a very creative and inspiring process and I always love his collections.


Do you have an inspiration?

It changes all the time but generally film and art are the biggest inspirations for me.

I really love Valerie Hegarty at the moment and I also like the Sam Taylor Johnson images of Coco Chanel's apartment.

In fashion/art photography I love Viviane Sassen's work she brings a whole new style and aesthetic to the table especially in advertising.

In film I recently enjoyed The Rover by David Michod who also directed Animal Kingdom as it's shot so beautifully.  


Favorite thing to shoot?

Anything that challenges me creatively!




Superdry at London Collections: Men January 2015
Featured Artist: Borzu Ravanbakhsh

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