Paintirectographer: Borzu Ravanbakhsh


Tell us about yourself.

Well hi, my name is Borzu Ravanbakhsh. I was born on September 10th 1988 in San Diego, California. Studied Industrial Design, but I never found it more interesting than painting, making films or doing photography. I have had four art galleries to date, and made a few short films. I have had the privilege of working with some great advertising companies, clothing lines, and artists in all different art aspects.


 What exactly is a Paintirectographer? Did you coin a new career?

Growing up, my main issue was always the decision of choosing whether to do painting (the skill that was within me as long as I remember), photography (the field that always seemed so fast to reach in arts), or to be a film director (a next level of art that I wish to reach). Because everyone you see out there seems to be trained and focused on one profession and does not do much on the side. And yes I could totally relate and understand how that would actually work better. But the moment I realized it is not a necessity to choose a certain career, and me being the most indecisive person you will meet, I made up the word Paintirectographer for myself. Which is a combination of a painter, director and a photographer.


You are very talented and creative, what is your favorite medium and why?

Between painting medias, I would definitely choose the art of drawing using a simple marker. The easiness of working with a marker gives you the actual feeling of working with your own hand and being as physically and mentally involved as possible. But if choosing between photography, painting, or film making, at this state I choose films, and more specified on music videos, because I believe that making videos is literally painted photographs directed by the best form. And for me, it would be a higher level of divulging my thoughts.


What is your ideal art?

In any form of display, something that connects instantly with zero previous explanation. An artwork, which is so complex that dares to teach me something new everyday, yet so easy that it constantly makes me feel better.


What is your dream as an artist? Where do you see yourself going? Any inspiring words?

I always wanted to have my own gallery in New York City. I really admire the old art scene of the Big Apple. And I really think that it is no hard task to bring that fire back. And of course, be a successful Paintirectographer, doing what I love, at the right places with the best people who admire art as much as I do.

Featured Artist: Ash Reynolds
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