Clark Lichty: Model/ Professional Beach Bum
Instagram: @clarklichty


Can you tell us when, how, and why you got your start in modeling?

I started in Chicago in 2007. I walked into the agency with a broken hand, cast on and everything. I was signed by David Love with Chosen Models, whom I love and adore to this day. I went on a national audition for a blackberry commercial and print campaign a few days later. I took my cast off to go into the audition and ended up booking the job. It was a huge 1 day job well into the 5 figure range and I guess I never looked back. I was a football player so I had to come down a considerable amount in size. I worked and worked and worked to do so, and it has really paid off.


What type of modeling is your favorite and why? Runway, commercial, editorial? 

A combination is nice because work never gets stale. I always say that commercial pays the bills but editorial is more creative. If I had to choose, I would choose editorial.


What is it like to be a model? Do you think there is a difference male and females in the industry? 

There are many stereotypes in the modeling industry. Many are true, but others are not. The biggest difference in males and females is the money. The top female makes over 50 million a year while the top male makes just over 3 million. It’s very competitive.


If you weren’t a model what do you think you would be doing?

I’d probably be a rodeo clown. 🙂


If you could work with a specific designer who would it be?

Dolce and Gabbana. They have beautiful campaigns and amazing clothes, what could be better?


How would you inspire others to pursue their modeling dreams?

I would tell them to move to one of the major cities and go for it and to not compare themselves to others. Imitation is suicide. Too often people don’t pursue their dreams. They make the “what if” mistake. I would rather ‘try’ and fail than ‘not try’ at all. “The only regrets in life are things that you DON’T do.”