Joe Briscoe: Fashion Photographer


Tell us about yourself. How did you get your start in photography?

I was born and raised on an island in Texas and learned at an early age that I wanted to make a career out of photography.  My father was a radiator repairman and I learned really quickly that I didn’t want to work on cars my whole life.  But, he did teach me that I needed to find what I love and find out how to make money doing it.  So, photography was what I discovered to be my outlet.  I fell in love with the darkroom when I was eighteen years old, then realized that there was so much more beyond the prints and chemicals…  When I moved to Los Angeles, I worked in all aspects of the commercial industry and ran with it.  Assisting for top photographers opened a lot of doors for me to get in the “industry,” but truly I learned more lighting and shooting techniques working under some of those guys than any accolades could deliver.


Who have you shot for? Where can we see your work?

Getty Images, ABC, HauteLook/Nordstroms, CESD, LA models, World Fishing Network, Jupiter Images, GMC, Boost Mobile, Taco Bell


What is your most memorable experience during your career?

I was assigned to shoot the rapper “David Banner“ for one shot and then when I met him he became like an old friend… really he just said “Yeah, why don’t you just stay and hang out and take pictures of our sound check…?”

Seriously, I don’t think he knew what he was doing by letting me stay… He had just met the band that he was about to go on tour with!

I just picked my jaw up off the floor and was like “yeah, let’s do it!”

He was a really good guy and I shot the whole time, but the best and only shots I use are the original shots he posed for…

I love connecting and making stories.

Creating the unreal in the studio is good, but capturing what’s surreal is better.


What inspires you?

Energy, and creativity always get my attention. I really appreciate something that is well thought out, more than just a good-looking model in front of the camera and a strobe light on them….

Any photographer can put a good looking model with hair and make up in front of the camera with an octobank pointed at them from the side, but what it really comes down to is posing and details.  It can be hard to find inspiration, but when I get a good story or idea then it all flows together!  If a client doesn’t have a specific direction, I come up with a story or theme for myself.  It can be anything from just a color, or a thought/idea, like a love story, or navy (both color and styling).

Inspiration can be a simple thing or a complex idea, but it must be apparent.  There’s gotta be a motivation and a story and an idea.

I just had a model thank me for paying attention to detail and pre-production and, I thought how sad that it’s not just part of shooting.


Do you have any cool projects in the works?

Currently, I’m working on putting together a story for a “Preppy Ivy League” group shoot…

I’m shooting constantly on paid projects, but as for my personal projects I’m looking to shoot a group of people…  Something that could be a cast of a show. I have scouted and I have a plethora of ideas and locations, but it’s now just a point of just getting the right people/models and styles for the shots.


Where do you hope to be in the next 10 years?

In the next ten years I hope to be raising a family, and working with wonderful clients that both support and thrive on creative freedom.


"NY FASHION WEEK" First Looks Highlights Spring 2015
Featured Artist: Paul Abrahamian

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