How long were you a model?

From the age of six till forty-five, on and off.


Do you miss modeling? 

Not at all. 😉


Would you ever go back? 

No, thank you. 😉


I am sure your asked a lot… Any plans for another book?

Yes, I’m currently writing my 3rd book, MODEL, The Ultimate Playbook. I’ll cover the expected topics and I'll also add a bit of the unexpected; Bullying, Drug & Alcohol Addiction/Recovery, and several other critical areas that directly affect everyone. 


 With everything you have accomplished this far, what has been your favorite thing to do? Modeling, author, agency owner?

Teaching is my favorite thing to do in business. For me there’s no point for me to be so enriched in my life, if I can’t share it with others willing to learn. In my personal life it’s martial arts and shooting photos on Instagram.


What has been your biggest win with the new agency?

The biggest win is a daily experience, frankly. I get to spend my day empowering people as they reach their international career goals. And my days are full of hugs. What else could I ask for?