Melissa Corsari


What inspired you to start fashion illustration?

I've enjoyed drawing since I was a kid and living in Milan. I've been exposed to fashion my whole life, so it just seemed natural combining the two. I've always wanted to do this job but I never believed I could make a living with it. After college I started travelling and moved to the U.S. first and then the U.K. During those years I kind of stopped drawing, then I was forced to move back to Italy by an illness. I've been straggling to get my health back on track for months, during that hard time I spent a lot of time at home and I started drawing again. It was the only thing that was making me feel good despite the horrible time I was going through. And that’s when I decided to take advantage of the fact that I had a lot of free time and decided to give it a try. I created a portfolio, started a blog and began sharing my art on social networks... within a few months I got my first client and that is how I got started.

What was your first real commissioned job?

My first commissioned illustration was for a company logo. An online boutique based in Cape Town.

What illustrator has been a source of inspiration for you and your career?

There are many artists that inspire me. I really love the artwork of Kelly Smith, Antonio Soares and Diana Kuksa to name a few.

What has been your biggest win so far as an fashion illustrator?

I think the biggest win is every time someone gets excited about my art or when a client tells you they are blown away by the final result. It’s also amazing when I see my artwork published in fashion magazines.

What advice do you have for future illustrators? What advice were you given?

I would tell future illustrators to learn how to market their art because from my experience, I can tell that it doesn’t matter how great your art is if you don’t know how promote it. You need to get your illustrations out there so that other people can see it. In that sense social networks are great because they can help you get the exposure you need.



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