Paul Abrahamian: Guitarist/Model/MMA Fighter/Animal Activist/Student


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well my name is Paul Abrahamian, I'm 21, I come from an Armenian/Russian descent, and I live in Los Angeles, California. I'm a Philosophy & Political Science double major, with plans to go to law school. Oh, and I have 3 Presa Canarios (Spanish Mastiffs) that are my world.


What is your personal style? Fashion, music, art, etc…? 

As far as fashion/style goes, it's always changing and evolving. I was never the type that liked to be labeled or stuck to a certain fad/type. I find myself constantly mixing, matching, and trying out new things, even things that wouldn't make sense to go together, but I try to make it work.

Creating music is definitely my favorite hobby. I currently play guitar for a post-hardcore band called REVIVER, and recently started an acoustic, radio-friendly, side project with a friend. My taste in music is pretty wide. It varies from Radiohead to Led Zeppelin to random folk music to classical to heavy metal to electronic; the list can go on and on. Music is beautiful and I can appreciate different types of it, but that's not to say that I don't think some of it is absolute shit 😉

Art is such a subjective concept that it's hard to put a distinct hold on my thoughts and feelings toward it. There's definitely certain arts that I don't understand/appreciate and just scratch my head and think, "What the fuck is this?", but others that I can't get enough of and never SHUTUP about. One of them being tattoo's and the culture that comes with it. I'm extremely picky and specific about different artists and styles, which is probably why I'm not fully covered in tattoos (yet.) Almost all of the artists that I want to be tattooed by are both pricey and in high demand; and I'm totally okay with that, because it's gonna be on my body forever so I'd rather wait for quality. Again, it's hard to put a hold on it, but I appreciate all kinds of artwork, paintings, dances, films, photography, etc. Another one that's high on my list is horror. I am a fanatic of all things horror; films, shows, plays, books, experiences, attractions, you name it, I probably love it. I can just binge watch horror films all day.


What does being a musician mean to you?

Being a musician is just another way that I can express myself. It's also easy to just say that being a musician is flat out fucking awesome. There's no better feeling than playing music for a person, a crowd, a wall, and having a good time doing it. It's fun, it's soothing, it's an escape from all of my responsibilities. No matter what's going on in my life, I know I can just pick up my guitar and zone out for a bit.


You seem to do it all, guitarist, MMA fighter, animal activist, model. What is your favorite thing about all of them?

My favorite thing about all of them is that although they're so different, they're also very much alike. They're all just different ways that I'm expressing myself and my emotions while doing what I love. They're all just different escapes from everyday mundane bullshit that I can just turn to and enjoy. Why have just one? Why not have many that you can choose from? I find beauty in different arts, sports, activities; and honestly it's just fun. I can't do just one thing, I want to try and experience everything simply because, why not?


What inspires you?

Probably not an average response to this question, but, life inspires me. I do what I love because, why wouldn't I? Ready for some cheesiness? Get the fucking nacho chips ready. To my knowledge, life comes around once, nothing is guaranteed, and I'm not willing to gamble with something so amazing. If I want to try something new, I'll do it. Why stick to one thing? Why NOT do a bunch of cool shit? Why not travel the world and experience different cultures, emotions, and sites? I live this life once, (as far as I know), I'm not going to waste one second of it not doing something that I love, have a passion for, or just flat out want to experience. I couldn't care less about what anyone has to say about the way I choose to live MY life. Then again, don't take that advice if you're doing crazy drugs or some shit. Life's too beautiful to waste it like that.


If you could give advice about life, what would it be?

I think I've repeated myself a million times already, but really I tell everyone the same thing. Don't waste your life doing boring, stupid shit. Experience all the fruitfulness that the world has to offer. Don't envy anyone, don't copy anyone, don't live someone else's life or want to live someone else's life, make your own life worth living. Do all that cool shit, be the person you want to be, don't just talk/dream about it. Find beauty in things you haven't before, step outside your own boundaries; escape, discover, experience, and create.

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