Celebrity Stylist: Samuel Sohebi


How did you start your stylist career?


I started my career with a Philipp Plein campaign with the actress Mischa Barton. I knew Philipp personally so he offered me this job. I was really excited because I was thrown in at the deep end but as the saying goes “no risk – no fun!” that was exactly what I was thinking at that moment.


Working with international stars might be challenging. Where do you get your inspirations?


It is definitely challenging but the bigger the star the smaller the issue. I’m getting inspired by the person I’m working with. I’m analyzing the style of my clients in order to create something completely new and to make a statement!


Do you think that everyday styling is important for the average woman as well?


I think that styling is not only important for women but also for men. The saying “you are what you wear” makes sense to me not only because you can impress your audience with the right style but mainly because there is so much work behind this. I mean there is an industry studying the society, designing new clothes, working with shapes or colors. It’s a pity not to appreciate all this development.


What suggestions can you give to someone who just started to develop their own style?


Basically, there are two pieces of advice I can give!

First of all, you must know your proportions to avoid fashion disasters. That means: think about your proportions, what kind of shape your body has and highlight the most beautiful parts of it.

Secondly, the combination is art. Just to give you an example: try to combine some vintage stuff with modern clothes. The result could be fashionable and unique.


Every job has difficulties. What are yours and how do you overcome them?


Well, in my case the difficulty is the pressure of the time frame and risk not being in tune with some clients. I must always be on time with my all my projects, which also means all the decisions, and I’m such a perfectionist. So this is something that I have to overcome daily.


Are you following the all the trends in the fashion industry or are you doing your own stuff?


Of course, I’m following trends! My job is not only to follow them but also to be able to choose the right ones but I’m definitely not a fashion victim. As I already mentioned the art of fashion is the combination. There must be a balance.


What are your upcoming projects?


I have many projects I’m working on. The next one is an American reality show with Paris Hilton that will take place in Ibiza.

I’m also designing new dirndl collection in conjunction with the brand “Edelweiß” that is a lot of fun for me because I’m from Munich. And last but not least, I’m working on my online shop.


Kult By Samuel Sohebi Modeboutique

Hohenzollernstr. 40

80801 München


Fon 089 8 56 77 44 11







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