Susan Alexandra 


How did you get into designing jewelry?


I have always been interested in making jewelry. When I was 9 years old I wrote a paper for my third grade class proclaiming that one day I would live in NYC and be a jewelry designer. My mom always reminds me of this! I have always been into fashion but jewelry held a special place in my heart. I began formally designing jewelry after taking metal working classes 2 years ago.


What is the first piece you made?


I've been making jewelry for years and years (in this life and past lives alike!) but I began making jewelry as part of my line, Susan Alexandra, 2 years ago. The first piece was a very simple ring. It was an assignment in my jewelry making class. The ring needed to be soldered together and I didn't do the best job; the seam was completely heinous. I didn't really mind, I don't care for anything to be too perfect. I ended up covering the seam with paint and voila, my style was created!


Any plans to expand your product categories?


I would absolutely LOVE to create a skin care and fragrance line. After that, clothing, purses, pottery.


What's your inspiration?


My inspiration is always whatever I am processing and going through. For example, my newest collection has an emerging from darkness theme. This past winter was really tough, emotionally and physically. I was very inspired by emerging from darkness to better things.


What are you most proud of or has been your biggest win for your brand?


I am thrilled that people like my jewelry! It's my art and to be recognized and appreciated for my work, which is me in my purest essence, is a tremendous, wonderful, magical feeling.

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