Agency Galatea: Marie P. Anderson

How did Agency Galatea come to be?

The agency - During the cataclysmic financial disaster that I experienced in 2008 while living in Arizona - my former Aria (Ford) model called me, urging my return to Chicago to manage her career again.  After lengthy discussion with her and a lot of research, I agreed to return to Chicago. The conclusion was that this was a wonderful opportunity to take a different philosophical approach with model management, and yet utilize my decades of success with my two previous agencies - hence, Agency Galatea was opened in January, 2009.

 The agency name - Short version is that my Graphic Artist, Igor Brezhnev shared the Greek Mythological love story about the sculptor, Pygmalion and his muse, Galatea. Because of my professional intensions in how I work with my models, and that I believe that love can be a symbiotically transformative experience, he was confident that the unique tale of Galatea and my ideas embodied the same belief system. He was absolutely correct. 😉


After Aria?

After I sold Aria to Ford in late 2003, I thought that I had retired from the business permanently. But as the expression goes, “When you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans”.


What sets Agency Galatea apart from other agencies?

 “I believe that the most powerful beauty comes from within. My objective is to empower the lives of our model entrepreneurs. Education transforms their self-esteem into self-success, while cultivating their core values. Together we build spirited, tenacious, wholesome individuals through collaboration.” 

Marie P. Anderson

 In this era we are all in the media business - it’s all woven into one big fabric. The fashion, film, sports, music, politics - it’s all one industry - the world of celebrity entertainers. We nurture our model entrepreneurs into dancing, acting, martial arts, etc. in order to create competitive creatives and not just pretty faces. Agency Galatea is a division of the union talent agency, Grossman & Jack Talent. Our models act and our actors model. There aren’t a lot of agencies that have my philosophy and our business strategy. I’m just sayin’. ‘=)


 Everything you touch turns to success... How do you do it?

Thank you for that acknowledgement! 😉 I reckon that success is relative.

Whatever successes that I have blessed me in life are from a higher power. I just do the footwork and leave the rest to the Universe to conspire.


What's next?

Hmmmmm? What’s next? Great question. Let’s send an e-mail to God and ask. LOL Truth be told, writing my 3rd book, working on totally updating Agency Galatea’s as well as my own personal website and creating a strategy to address the awesome opportunities with programming on the internet. Well, that’s what I’ll share publicly about our corporate plans. LOL

 I’d like to publicly acknowledge Sara Ziff and The Model Alliance in NYC for all their hard work in further developing a safer work environment for models worldwide.


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LinkedIn: Marie P. Anderson

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