Josey Orr: Dyer & Jenkins


How did the Dyer and Jenkins brand start?

Initially, Paul Jaworski (co-founder) and I had an online retail store for men. We struggled to stock the shelves with reasonably priced American Made goods. So, we created one ourselves. We went to Kickstarter for funding and proof of concept. We used that money to fund our first production run of jeans and t-shirts and its been off to the races since then.


What sets you apart from other brands?

We cut & sew every garment in Los Angeles, we do our best to use eco-friendly options for our clothing, and we care about what we do. As our line has evolved, we’ve become more outdoors focused and we really encourage people to travel, foster community, and take care of the great outdoors. I think that goes far beyond what a lot of other brands do.


You have presence in some stores in New York and California. Do you see the brand going global?

Yes, we also work with a few small stores across the states and in Japan. Our first year was spent focusing on growing our online store to a healthy size, now we are starting to focus on the wholesale component as well. Pretty much all of the stores we currently work with sell out and re-order multiple times a season.


Do you plan to expand your product group, if so what can we expect to see in the future?

Yes, definitely. We already have chinos, shorts, and backpacks coming out this spring. We will be adding more and more outdoorsy goods as time goes on. It’s something we are all really excited about.


Who is the Dyer and Jenkins man?

Our guy is a lot like our founders. We live and work in the city and take to the outdoors on the weekends. We don’t need crazy technical products, but we want ones that can perform in both town and country.


What is you number one seller?

It’s a tie between our Jenkins fit denim and white t-shirts.


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