Fellows Essential Gentleman 


What's the story behind the brand?

The Brand started back in September 2013 with a vision of supplying beard and moustache products made from 100% natural ingredients and free from petrochemicals. We are the journey under the name Fellows Slicks & Stiffeners. The name reflected exactly what we sell, slicks are of course oils and stiffeners were our waxes. Over time we started to grow a fan base and large following on IG and we wanted to offer our customers something more than just Beard oil & Moustache wax. We sat down and spoke about the future of FS&S and we decided that we wanted to bring leather wallets, t-shirts, combs, money clips, iPhone cases and much more to the storefront. Although with this new vision laid out we felt like it was time to change the name as we felt it no longer suited what we had to offer. The name Fellows Essential Gentleman came from our logo designer but as soon as he suggested it we felt it reflected the brand perfectly. My second name is Fellows and everything we do is pushed forward and made possible by me and Essential Gentleman reflects what we do, gentleman's essentials. Although we may not stock everything essential to a gentleman we are always looking to expand our ranges. We still stand by quality and chemical free grooming products.


What separates your brand from other men's grooming brands?

Most male grooming brands on the high streets don’t offer beard or moustache grooming products so that instantly sets us aside for people that are looking for that sort of product. Although there are a growing number of male grooming brands popping up daily offering beard and moustache grooming products, what separated us from them? Well we stand for 100% natural products; we don't use petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals. We don't just offer male grooming products we offer a range of lifestyle products so we offer a bigger range of products making our store a one-stop shop for the modern gentleman.


Who is the Fellows Essential Gentleman?

Fellows Essential Gentleman is a one-man band. My name is Scott Fellows and I'm the owner but sometimes things get a little hectic here to be able to complete tasks so this year I've had a close friend of mine (Josh Handscomb) helping me keep on time of everything from social media to order packing. Recently I've brought in brand reps that can represent the brand in different towns, cities and countries in key areas of the world/country. They really help the brand move forward in the correct direction and help me achieve things that would be impossible to do on my own. We have guys in California, New York, London, Birmingham and we will be looking for more in the future for other countries around the globe.


Do you see the brand expanding product categories?

We are always looking for new products and new ideas, over time we really want this store to be a “go to” place for modern gentleman to acquire grooming products, lifestyle and fashion items. Although the brand will still only have two main categories Grooming & Lifestyle they will have a lot more to offer within each category.


What's next, where do you see the brand going?

We are just about to launch a brand new web store and enter the busy winter months. We will be working hard to offer a top class service with next day delivery for the UK and fast dispatch for everyone. We will be looking at new collections and working closely with brand reps to create something unique to our brand. We have collaborations happening too which we are really excited about but we can't say too much yet, all I can say is watch this space, you can follow us on Instagram to stay on top of things @fellowseg.

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