Freddy and the WR.UP®


Tell me about the brand? How did it start?

In 1976, a brand specializing in sportswear with a focus on the world of dance was born.

“When I was nineteen, I wanted to create something new. I started this business using my surname, changing the ‘i’ into a ‘y’ for it to sound more international.”

 -Carlo Freddi


What makes this brand different than its competitors?

Those who choose to wear Freddy identify with a true philosophy of life which, for the first time, is a mix of Active Sport and Fashion interpreted in a unique way, thus giving life to a ‘Fashion Active’ style.

 Jersey, Elastan and technology deriving from Freddy's sport heritage blend and are enriched with the Italian style to create innovative and feminine garments among which WR.UP®, the revolutionary jersey pant patented by Freddy, that enhances a woman's silhouette thanks to a unique shaping effect.

It is therefore an extremely feminine garment, with a sporty-glam touch, in line with the fashion trends of the moment and which, at the same time, is also sporty and functional, and therefore able to be by the side of women not only during workout, but also in their daily life thanks to specific and patented technologies.


What are the plans for the future? 

Freddy is in Washington with a single-brand store dedicated to WR.UP® but, in the future, we would like to build a stronger cooperation with a new partner to manage the wholesale channel. One of the priorities is that of strengthening the online store for this market.

The results from the online sales were amazing for many countries such as Sweden, Norway and Australia. Freddy's unique products and the word of mouth spreading from our clients' satisfaction allowed us to achieve great results in a very short time, in terms of online sales. Our main goal is definitely that of reproducing the same formula in the USA.


What retailers can we find your brand at?

Freddy Pant Room: Montgomery Mall

7101 Democracy Blvd.

MD 20817

United States

Phone: +1 301 3653180


Freddy online store:


Tell us something new and up and coming that you want our readers to know…

The world of Fashion is witnessing a significant return to the active concept. Freddy is unique in this respect, as it has a real history and real expertise in the world of sports (a real one, as it is a sportswear company), with the guarantee of an Italian style that gives a touch of femininity and beauty to its products. This is precisely what WR.UP® is: a hyper-feminine product with a unique and patented technology.

 For the Spring/Summer 2015 collection WR.UP® will be presented in many new models and in a wider collection: to better enhance womanly lines, Freddy - after more than a year of research and studies carried out by the Style Department - presents the now famous WR.UP® pants together with dresses, high-waisted skirts and miniskirts to match the desire and needs of more and more women and to bring the WR.UP® technology to any moment of a woman's daily life.

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