Tell me about the brand, how did it start, inspiration etc...

JANIKO is a German-based footwear label, founded in 2010 by the two sisters Nicoleta and Janeta Surila. The sisters launched the first JANIKO collection after recognizing the frustration of trying to find the perfect shoe, the shoe that makes women stand out from the crowd with a good mix of sensuality and strength, innovative materials and colors.  They built the label around the philosophy ‘‘when nothing goes right…just wear the right shoes’’. The sisters started the brand with the following concept: Each pair of shoe has to be something special, and not just a pair of shoes.

Janeta & Nicoleta: The first pair of shoes, which we produced, was the model ‘’TABU’’. This shoe has a zipper along the heel. We still produce this model, because it is still successful.


What was the inspiration for the latest collection?

We got the inspiration for the latest collection from London. The colorful, wild cosmopolitan lifestyle of this city inspired us to use exotic skins, Swarovski elements, mirrored leather and spikes in the entire collection. London is a great place, a crossroads of different cultures…it is that magical place where music, fashion, art and architecture has found a unique dimension!


Who is the designer behind the brands shoes and handbags? Can you tell us about them?

The designer behind the shoes and bags is Nicoleta Surila, but both sisters are producing the ideas and inspiration for all new collections. Nicoleta began sketching shoes in her early teens...she was being always inspired by mysterious beautiful women. She always tried to understand what women really want. It is really important for us to design shoes and that gives women confidence and empowers her.


You have gained a lot of attention with celebrities, what is your reaction to this?

We first gained attention from a lot of German celebrities and designers, which we cooperated with at the Fashion Week Berlin already with the first collection. That has shown us that we are doing well. After two years we started to gain attention with Hollywood celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton. It is important for us to see that celebrities appreciate our collection. That shows us that we are on the right way.


Who would you love to see where Janiko?

We would love to see Rihanna wearing our shoes, because she is a celebrity who has a very interesting style and she was actually our inspiration for our second collection.


Who do you consider the Janiko man and woman?

 The Janiko man is a self-assumed, confident and always fashionable man. The Janiko woman is a sophisticated, sexy woman that always knows what she wants. She knows that a beautiful shoe is the key to seduce and be unique.


Where do you see the brand going?

 Our brand has already a big recognition among the celebrities, so if everything will move with these steps. Then in some years we hope to expand globally and gain attention from all generations. With our second line ‘’ J BY JANIKO’’ that we launched in October 2014, we aim to grow the amount of customers that can afford the JANIKO style.

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