Jerris Madison: Creative Director and Publisher, OBVIOUS Magazine 

When did you start OBVIOUS Magazine?

The idea of OBVIOUS started in 2008. I launched in September 2009.


What do you do for the magazine?

A lot!!! LOL. I am Creative Director and newly self-appointed Editor in Chief.


How did you get your start?

I stared working with KRAVE Magazine out of Dallas though I lived in Atlanta then Los Angeles at the time. I was Lead Photographer then added Co-Publisher to responsibilities. I left in February 2007-2008.


What inspires you?

I'm inspired by life, culture and beauty. I see beauty in a lot of things including abandonment. I aspire to continue to be a positive in the lives of others. That wakes me up in the morning.


Fall Fashion must haves?

Oversized coats, leather, boots, interesting socks, tailored look, dark clothing with pops of color, and clean lines.


What sets your magazine apart from other magazines?

Good question! Magazines tend to focus too much on what other mags are doing (I used to be that way too). I focus on our core fans by keeping them entertained and empowered.

We don't post 'Best Dressed' or 'Worst Dressed' anymore. We just post what we like. If we see something questionable, we make recommendations on what we think could have enhanced a person's look. Also, we stopped using 'Plus-Size' and 'Full-Figured'. We've opted for the word 'Curvy'.