Anne Harper: OMG Accessories


How did you get your start?

I started my fashion entrepreneurship journey after graduating Columbia

College Chicago. During my junior year, I accepted my first internship at

Fashion Express, designing handbags. My internship led to becoming a head

member of the design team. After 7 years, I realized I was ready to take

this found passion to the next level and make my lifetime dream come true.

In 2009, I officially launched OMG! Accessories. The rest is history.


You have ben extremely successful, what is your secret?

My key secret to success is passion, patience, and hard work. I truly

believe if you never give up on a dream, it's bound to come true.


What was your biggest win?

My biggest win hasn't happened yet! The success and growth that has

happened over the last 5 years will lead me to that point. AndŠfor what

that is, only my future knows, but I'm excited to continue on with this

amazing journey to seek it.


Where do you see the company going say in 5 years,10?

I see OMG! Accessories being a well recognized junior brand in the

marketplace. I would like to grow the product mix into clothing, shoes,



What is your greatest influence/inspiration?

I don¹t have one particular influence/inspiration. I am truly inspired by

every successful fashion brand that has made a name for themselves. This

business is tough and I have great admiration for anyone that has found

success in it.






Moschino Spring/Summer 2015
Tools for every stylish man's wardrobe.

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