Q&A with Buyer Jodie Balmer for GNOSSEM.COM

Can you tell us the Gnossem story?


Gnossem was founded in 2012 by Lisa Crosswhite – she wanted to provide a platform for independent designers to have a voice in such a cluttered and mass-produced marketplace but also provide people with amazing and unique fashion pieces that are of superb quality but don’t put you out of pocket.


We now have around 300 designers that we collaborate with from all over the world and a solid fan base who know what to expect when they visit our site.

How do you determine what to buy for Gnossem? 


We have a specific ‘Gnossem woman’ in mind when sourcing new designers – she’s confident, unique, well-travelled, a people person, fiercely independent and has her own personal style. She likes to mix up staple wardrobe basics with more statement, eclectic pieces. She’s fascinating and totally unboring – you want to be her friend and steal her entire wardrobe.


All of the Gnossem buyers embody the free spirit of the Gnossem woman so we can pinpoint exactly what she would like (as we like the items).

Is there a specific aesthetic or guide? What are you looking for in an independent designer?


Not a specific aesthetic but we like designers with a good background/story and who tell that story throughout their collections. All designers must use quality materials and have expert craftsmanship skills; we want to provide the best of the best to our customers.


As mentioned, we love statement pieces, especially in our ever growing accessories arm but we also like simple, clean lines that could be teamed with more ‘wow’ items.

Who is your favorite designer right now and why?


Right now I am in love with the latest Eugenia Kim hats. Oh and Daniel Silverstain has an amazing metallic bomber jacket that I would love to get my hands on – it reminds me of the 70’s/80’s glam rock era. HOT!

What can a potential customer expect when visiting Gnossem?


Fresh designs from small (usually emerging) designers; pieces you definitely can’t buy on the high street! Many of our designers will also work on a made to order or made to measure basis so you know that your order will be totally one of a kind which we think makes fashion more special and meaningful.

Visit gnossem.com to check out all the designer clothing and accessories they offer.

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