Before we tell you the secrets on becoming an Angel, we would like to take a moment to introduce the newest member of our team. Bailey. She will help us fill a major void and provide Ansel and Opie with awesome copy for our editorials and a weekly column on Wednesdays. Bailey grew up in the quaint town of Eldridge, Iowa with a large family. A huge chunk of her heart is reserved by the elderly-most likely from working at a nursing home throughout high school. Fashion was always something she wanted to make a career out of, but never imagined it happening until her arrival at Iowa State. Like everyone else, it was a dream to temporarily leave the nest and study abroad- hint hint London College of Fashion. Her favorite quote is by Christian D. Larson reading, “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you greater than any obstacle.”

We are ecstatic to have her join the team and please enjoy her first article. Welcome Bailey!

Victoria’s Most Exclusive Secret: How to Become A Victoria’s Secret Angel

Photo Courtesy of PJBayfield,

It’s that time of year again- the angels’ time to spread their wings and slay that lingerie. Indulged in their late night chocolate cravings via the couch, women across the country will tune in as these ladies strut their sexy stuff. As the highly anticipated cast of angels is released every year, have you ever wondered: how to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel? (Confidence, power, a killer bod, and a little edge never hurt anyone), but what exactly does it take? Step one: know the requirements. Accept the fact that if you are under 5’8”, you either need to consult an expert surgeon or shoot for a different dream. Step two: build a selection of photos of yourself. If a credible modeling agency is going to take you on, odds are they will want to know what you look like (duh)! Step three: put yourself out there- yes Google can sometimes be your friend. If you want to be noticed as a serious contender and well-known model, take the initiative to register yourself on some modeling websites. Step four: killer bod. Enough said.

Don’t wait until the night before auditions to host your own Krispy Kreme intervention. Step five: research when auditions are. Previously, auditions have been held in Chicago, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. Plan ahead of time to arrange when you want to audition and how you will get yourself there. Step six: learn from others. Surprise! The internet can be somewhat helpful. Watch some YouTube videos of others who have auditioned and listen to advice they have. Step seven: work it girl! Show some personality and give it all you’ve got! Click here to watch interviews from this year’s ten fresh faces of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.