Jeff Tomsik is an international model with small town Midwest roots

How were you discovered? What was your first big job? 

I would like to answer this question by adding a link. My discovery… [Viewable on the right] in this video it explains my being discovered by Bruce Weber, as well as being able to shoot Hollister as my first Campaign.

Favorite Modeling Moments?

This is such a great question. I’ve had so many wonderful experiences through this crazy world of modeling. I’ve met amazing people from all over the world. Everyone from the art director mom at Sears in Illinois, top models, designers, and photographers of the world. I think my favorite moments* would have to be the ones I spent with models who became my friends through the years. Getting to hear their stories and watching them grow as individuals in this crazy business. When you run into another model at the airport or on set, and they have amazing news about their life or career. Those are my favorite memories and moments. Getting to hear about other people’s success is always amazing.

What was it like working with top photographers, designers, stylist, and models? 

I always thought it was such an amazing experience to be around such well rounded, cultured, and forward thinking minds. It was such a privilege every time I was hired for a Job. I would be flown to amazing and exotic places to shoot with some of the most wonderful people. Bruce (Weber) was always telling me about his past experiences and educating me on the business, working with Kate Moss was an eye opener in the sense of being taught the lesson that being humble and working hard still pays off. The lessons I learned from the people I worked with the light and sound guys all the way to top models and photographers will serve me through the rest of my career and life.

If you weren’t modeling what would you be doing? 

You guys don’t make it easy do you? Well I started out as a garbage man (boy), but I truly have no idea. My whole life (all 29 years) I was never sure what I wanted to do, and I was so lucky to fall into this crazy industry. I will answer this question by saying what I think I would have been good at if I knew what I know now. My entire life I’ve been an avid sports viewer and player. I love watching sports as well as listening to broadcasts by sportscasters. If I wasn’t modeling I would have gone to school to do broadcast journalism and try to find a way to be a sportscaster. I never saw myself as someone who could stay in an office doing a redundant job. I need a changing story and new people to tell it to me.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff Tomsik on many occasions. Always a pleasure and I guarantee he will make you laugh all day! Jeff is represented by Chosen and has a long list of clients. Click here to see his campaigns and clients.