Anthony Vivolo, CEO with Kaf Grooming

What inspired you to start your line?

Over the years we became aware of the lack of high quality men’s grooming products, which inspired us to create the Kaf line. Here at Kaf we truly believe that your styling product of choice should not only style your hair to perfection, but also be beneficial to your hair’s overall health. Our goal was to create a product that could achieve both. That is why we developed all of our products with active botanicals to not only strengthen and protect your hair at the cellular level, but also give you the confidence and look you desire.

Kaf Grooming

How do you test your products before you sell them?

We feel strongly against the use of cosmetic testing on animals. All of our products go through skin and eye safety testing conducted by an independent laboratory. In addition to safety testing we put our products through stability testing to ensure that our products remain stable and active for upwards of two years in various temperatures and conditions. Testing the styling capabilities was the fun part, with that being said perfecting our featured styling products took over two and half years! We wanted to make certain we produced high quality products and weren’t satisfied until we were confident that our products achieved what was promised on the label.

Kaf Grooming

What do you consider the most important component of a hair product?

This is an industry that is very diluted to say the least, diluted with products that solely focus on the styling aspect and not necessarily the effects on your hair. Due to this, we believe that the most important component to any hair product is the health benefits. Our goal was to deliver a product that in addition to styling, also revitalized, strengthened, and protected your hair.

Kaf Grooming

Right now what celebrity has the best hair in terms of style and fitting their personal style?

This may not answer your question in terms of “right now” but Leonardo Dicaprio in “Great Gatsby”… that’s hair.

Kaf Grooming

How do you determine how much product to use per different style and cut?

That is the beauty of Kaf products; we like to think that we can achieve any look that you desire with our products. American Select is our “uncommonly versatile” styling cream that enables you to style your hair freely to achieve a more natural look. We suggest starting with a dime size amount for a lighter hold. Supreme Brew is our “superior hold ideal shine” pomade; we recommend this for people looking for a stronger hold and optimal dimensional sheen.

Kaf Grooming
Kaf Grooming

What styling tools can’t you live without?

For me it’s my comb. I have two, one for everyday and one for travel.

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