Hannah Rosen, Digital Marketing Coordinator for Krochet Kids intl.

Tell us the Krochet Kids intl. story?

One of our Co-founders, Stewart Ramsey, went to Uganda in 2006, and saw the potential for great impact. The population was vulnerable due to rebel violence that had taken place over the previous 20 years, however, the people there desired to work and to pave their own path forward. Through listening, we began to understand that they wanted to work and be self-sufficient. We provided a skill – crocheting – and an opportunity. We also recognized the importance for supplementing that job with education and mentorship, in order that we can holistically empower people.

What is a typical day at Krochet Kids intl. like?

It really depends if you are at our Costa Mesa HQ or one of our empowerment projects in either Uganda or Peru! The work we do varies from person to person and location to location, but our goal remains the same: we want to empower people to rise above poverty.

What’s next?

As for what’s next, we look forward to being able to expand, but we definitely have our hands full with the current communities where we work in Uganda and Peru. Our program is designed to graduate women, thus allowing for more women to be a part of the program in our existing locations as well!

What was the idea behind mixing fashion and cause?

Our goal is to empower people to rise above poverty and that is our bottom line. Creating and selling our products definitely work to support our goal of empowerment and allow us to create further impact, but it’s important to understand these priorities.  We have been able to successfully do both thanks to an amazing staff that sees the full picture of our impact and the need to conduct great business.

What have been your favorite products/stories?

We have a series hosted on our site that’s called “Stories of Change”  where we feature some of the women in our program. One of these is the story of Beatrice – when she first came to our program she was quiet, and lacked confidence in herself and her work.  She was earning less than a dollar per day through the inconsistent work she did. Four years later after graduating our program, she owns land, her own small store and motorcycle-taxi business. In addition, she employs 12 other Ugandan women to help maintain the farm on her land. Her success is an example of why we do what we do every day!

Take a look at the Fall 2015 lookbook. To support the cause, visit Krochet Kids intl. and shop the e-commerce site. Each item is hand-signed by the person who made it!

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