Love Your Melon Adds Warmth to a Cold Disease

Cancer is a lot of things. While there are a plethora of words you could use to describe it, it’s not about the words. It’s about the actions. If I were to explain to someone who had no idea what it was, I would say cancer is like a bomb. It acts explosively- it is damaging, and it is deadly. Above all, really, it is devastating. It forces a kind of pain that expands beyond physical. It hurts more than those directly hit, coming out of nowhere, and with no target in particular. Loved ones, friends, co-workers, children. It has no target. While it may be many things, cancer is not biased.

So how do we shine a little light on this devastating illness? Aside from miraculously discovering a cure, how can we get cancer’s patients to escape reality? Just for a moment at least- just long enough for a smile to form alongside tired eyes and cheeks that used to be rosy.

Let’s add a little warmth to something that is so cold.

That’s what Zach and Brian of the University of St. Thomas said anyway. In an effort to lift the spirits of those spending countless nights in a cold hospital bed, enduring rounds of treatment while they choke back tears of mixed emotions, the duo came up with an idea. “Let’s make hats,” they said “and let’s get one for every child in America battling cancer.” Through their buy one give one program, they were able to reserve 45,000 hats to children across the United States battling cancer. Now, 50% of every product sold through this company is donated to research funds.

The products are recognizable by the trademark “Love Your Melon” patch on the front (and of course the adorable knitted design that also comes in several colors). All customers should know they are showing their melon a little warm love while showing a child with cancer some warmth and love too.

Learn more or support the cause on the website.

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