Illustrator:Marcell Naubert


How did you get your start in fashion illustration?

Before I started my career in fashion illustration I worked as a freelance stylist. I worked in this industry for more than 10 years, being on a set, sourcing clothes for different themes and working on briefs for different clients helped me a lot to develop my style and taste in my illustrations.


Tell us what you want people to know about you as a fashion illustrator

In my illustrations I always try to focus on a theme, whether it is a color, a wonderful fabric or an outstanding pattern. I like to tell stories. And for me a picture is the best way to tell a story.


You have many styles that are all very different, how did you develop them?

To be honest I am a very curious person. I always try to figure out how things work, why certain things are happening. That is why I am always trying new things. My curiosity is the starting point for a new drawing, or a new technique, if I like the result, I show it to my boyfriend. If he likes it, it is kind of proved to be good. He works in fashion as well as a photographer and is always a very helpful guide.


How do you decide what illustrating style to use? How does the idea develop?

It depends on the briefs, but usually I have already a picture in my mind. I try to listen to my intention and start to get into a flow. If there is no flow ,the illustration is useless. I find it quite amazing, how the human brain develops fantasies and images. Quite often ideas occur out of the blue in unusual situations, I always have a sketchbook with me.


What inspires you?

Traveling and reading. The last couple of years I always go on vacation in the wintertime for approximately 4 weeks. I like to explore the world, backpacking is the best way for me to do this. Last time we went to Papua New Guinea. Seeing the tribes and the nature was the best. During these holidays, one of the highlights is to sketch in a diary. Once back home, I still can remember every situation, when I flip through these sketchbooks.


Is there a brand or someone that you would love to work with?

I really would like to do more traveling stories.


To view more work be sure to visit Marcell Naubert’s personal website here.

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