MINGO kidsPlayful and sophisticated unisex basics

How did MINGO. start?

We started MINGO. when my daughter was around two years old and I could find any children’s clothing without a lot of prints on them. Caroline is from Sweden and she would often bring clothes from there for my daughter but she also had a hard time finding minimalistic children’s clothing. That’s when we started brainstorming.


Why did you chose to do unisex basics vs. designer kids wear?MINGO kids

We are really proud that our clothing is produced in Holland. This way we know for sure it’s made under good working conditions.


What sets MINGO. apart from other kids wear?

 What sets us apart is that we are minimalistic, simple and functional. With each collection we design we always keep these three words in our mind. This is the base for Scandinavian design.


MINGO kidsHow do you dress your own children? Or do you let them decide?

I let my daughter choose what to wear herself. She is in a pink phase now so she is wearing all the dusty pink MINGO. items at the moment.


Do you see MINGO. expanding to North America? What is next?MINGO kids

We are starting to notice we are getting more and more orders from North America. We are available in Canada at The Minilife. But we would love to expand in North America.



Visit MINGO kids to see the entire spring line.

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