Casual Friday, model off duty style.


For eight hours a day models can be seen on the runway or on set, cinched into skin tight clothes looking fabulous. We all know how amazing they look with a wardrobe and hair stylist on set, but what the model off duty? Sweatpants and t-shirts? Perhaps. Still stunning and head turning. You bet. This is our take on the off duty model and street wear featuring some of  our favorite brands like Adidas, Ray-Ban and Vans. Who wouldn’t want to look ultra cool while being super comfy? If you want to see more models and their off duty look, here is a good place to start.


Photographer: Ansel and Opie
Stylist: Ansel and Opie
Hair and make up: Ansel and Opie
Model: Alaina Rigdon, The Peak Agency



Mercy Supply Co: Featured Brand
Inspiration: Mert, Marcus and Cindy

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