OOZZ Clothing. A contemporary mens brand with modern aesthetic.

OOZZ Clothing

How did you get your start?

I’ve been in the fashion industry over 8 years and after I worked for some leading Scandinavian, and British fashion brands. I decided to start my own journey last summer and launched my first AW15 collection in August.

OOZZ Clothing

What inspires your designs?

Textures, nature, deconstructed silhouettes, objects, new printing techniques.

OOZZ Clothing

You use fabric, texture, and print in an interesting way, how would you describe your designs?

 I am trying to create a new forward thinking modernity and timeless silhouettes with the combination of unconventional materials, new printing techniques, distinctive details and unusual proportions.

OOZZ Clothing

What kind of guy wears your clothing?

Bold guys into new contemporary casual-chic choice.

OOZZ Clothing

Who are your favorite designers right now? Past? Overall? And Why?

Rei Kawakubo. She is a true visionary for me.

OOZZ Clothing

Where do you see your brand in the future?

I see OOZZ in a refined international audience in the contemporary menswear industry in the near future.

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