REED + RADER direct films and animated gifs set in uncanny virtual worlds.

Tell us about the two of you, how did you get started?

We met in 2002 at a art school in Pittsburgh, we immediately clicked and began to help each other on photo shoots. We moved to NYC in 2005 and that’s when we joined as a team as Reed + Rader.

What was the first thing you directed that got you noticed?

We stopped doing still photographs in 2007 and moved to strictly moving images.  We first started gifs and were one of the first to do them in the fashion editorial world.  One of our first gif stories was for POP Magazine, it was called AR_AVATARS and it was 360 spins of models in fun costumes.  Since this was something new that the fashion world wasn’t seeing in 2007, it took off and got us a bunch of press coverage which led to clients wanting stories made for them like this.  The blog world has always been really supportive of our work so we have a lot of love for them.

Who was your first client? What is like creating work for them?

One of our first big projects was shooting the campaign lookbook video for Cynthia Rowley years ago. She really loved our collage aesthetic at the time and we have a mutual love for dinosaurs, so we got to shoot a dinosaur themed lookbook video.

What is your process like? Do you have all the creative freedom? Or do you collaborate with your clients?

It really depends per client. Some clients come to us because they saw a piece of work we did and basically want it duplicated. When that happens we try to push it a bit further as we like trying new things and get bored quickly. Some clients come to us just because they like our style and give us full creative freedom. An editorial example is V Magazine who we’ve been working with for over 5 years now. They give us such freedom and are always supportive of us, even when we pitch them wild ideas.   We really respect the relationship we have with them.

What’s it like to have a unique niche in the fashion industry?

It has pros and cons. The pro is that we stand out from others and we earn exposure because of that. The con is that there is only a few brands that are willing to try something new.  When we do something creative for a brand and they see that the quirk in our work garnishes a lot of online attention, then they see that taking a chance is worth it.  We really try to only take on creative jobs, you won’t see us shooting behind the scene fashion videos.

Who would you love to work with?

We get asked this question a lot and we never have a answer for it. We like people who are creative, outside the box, thinking of what’s new in technology. We have a lot of great friends that are doing new things in programming, visual data, virtual reality and robotics and seeing the newest in tech is what’s most exciting for us. We also really like to work with people who have a general love for cats so we can talk and show photos of our cats on set. We have 5 cats. We are #catpeople.

Visit the REED + RADER website to see more awesome gifs and videos.

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