Sloane and Tate is inspired by the culture of the Sloane Rangers

- mavericks of the London fashion scene who pushed the boundaries of tradition.

Can you tell us how the brand started?

Sloane & Tate started because I was looking for something I couldn’t find. I wanted innerwear from a brand whose message I could relate to. A brand that promoted individuality instead of conformity, with an eye for detail and a refined aesthetic. A brand that encouraged its wearers to define themselves as strong, independent individuals – looking to push boundaries and be the best versions of themselves for themselves. That’s a tall order for underwear I know! But it is the most personal item of clothing we wear. And I firmly believe that by being yourself and the confidence that comes along with it – that is inherently sexy.




"Sloane & Tate’s ethereal fabrics are custom made in Los Angeles for the ultimate blend of performance and luxury. The collection is sustainably sewn in Los Angeles."

Where did the name come from?

Sloane comes from Sloane Square in London. During the 70’s it was the beloved hangout of a group of affluent teenagers called the Sloane Rangers (Princess Diana is one of the most famous members) who defined and created their own style by mixing high and low fashion. This defiance and refusal to conform to one or the other while maintaining a reverence for tradition is what I find inspiring in my own personal style and what I’ve tried to infuse into Sloane & Tate.

What is the inspiration behind the brand?

The inspiration behind the line is to push boundaries. To defy convention, while revering the past. To create one’s own definition of sexiness – based not on the external, but the internal.


You’ve gotten a lot of positive attention, what has been your reaction to this?

I’ve been dreaming of the day where the magnetism and allure of androgyny would be fully realized and brought to the forefront of fashion once again. This “androgynous chic” is everywhere now, but it’s always been a part of Sloane & Tate. To me androgyny is the height of beauty (another inside secret – this is why the ampersand in our logo is so important – it represents the “and.” It’s not one or the other – it’s aspects of both combining to create something new and different and outside of categorization). I think that is the heart of androgyny and that is what makes it so alluring. It has arrived and I couldn’t be happier. And I think the presence of androgyny in the media has led to some of the attention garnered by the line. I really am so pleased and grateful for the positive press that the line is receiving. To me this means that there are other people out there who have been looking for a brand that speaks to them. And it is the most fulfilling experience to feel that the brand is understood and loved. I just feel grateful to the fans of the line and our customers

Who do you consider the Sloane & Tate woman to be?

The Sloane & Tate woman continues to amaze me. She is the person who looks outside of tradition, while maintaining a reverence for it. She does things for herself, she creates her own confidence and by doing so, people can’t help but be drawn to her. She puts thought into how she dresses, but her style is effortless because it’s her confidence that shines through. She wants her clothing to reflect her on every level through every layer.


Who would you love to represent your brand?

Uh-oh, don’t get me started on this one. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head about future campaigns. Erika Linder is definitely a top choice. Her range from feminine to masculine is so vast and great. I would love to see her represent us. Also, Andreja Pejic has an allure and sexiness that cannot be defined, cannot be put in a box and categorized – and that is the Sloane & Tate brand. Defy defy defy, be yourself and look incredible while doing it!

Where would you like to see the brand go?

I would love Sloane & Tate to develop into a lifestyle brand, to expand beyond what it started as. Innerwear will always be a part of it, but there are still things out there that are needed but don’t exist yet. An elevated, intellectually and artistically oriented lifestyle brand is what I would love to create. These aspects of Sloane & Tate could translate so well into a 360° brand – but I can’t give away all of my secrets yet. Stay tuned!


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