Lee Moffie: Co-founder of State and Liberty Clothing Company

Tell us the State and Liberty story.

In the fall of 2014 my business partner and I started having conversations about how we felt that no one on the market was making an off the rack dress shirt for athletically fit guys like us. That fall we started making dress shirts for us, and eventually our friends wanted them. After time, word spread and friends of our friends also wanted them so we started ordering and selling more and more shirts.

State and Liberty

We like that you are targeting a specific demographic, was this your personal influence or just an observation?

Definitely personal influence. We felt like no one was making a tailored shirt for the athletically built male. On top of that, we were looking to make a shirt that was made from this new style of athletic fabric that would offer so much more than your traditional cotton dress shirt.

State and Liberty

What makes State and Liberty special? Sets you apart?

 3 specific aspects make our shirts special.

Fit- more room in the shoulder chest and arms with a slim waist.
Feel- Athletic performance fabric that is stretchy, moisture wicking and lightweight. Also extremely low maintenance, wrinkle free and don’t need to be dry-cleaned.
Professional look- Double fused cuffs and collars that leave the cuffs stiff and upright giving the shirts a crisp professional look.

State and Liberty

Who is you ideal customer?

Our core customer is an in shape young professional ranging anywhere from right out of college to the mid 30’s. Our customer is a guy who is serious about their fitness and looking for a shirt that can keep up with and compliment their life on the move.  Although our core customer is certainly leaning toward that young professional our shirts are still loved by guys of all ages that are in great physical shape.

State and Liberty

With such a unique niche, do you see yourself breaking into bigger markets and selling to department stores?

Definitely want to eventually break into bigger markets at some point but right now our focus is to be the go to brand for physically fit guys.

What’s next?

We are going to continue to make sure we are doing everything in our power to ensure that our customers are getting the best possible product out there and make sure that they have a fantastic experience every time they deal with State and Liberty.

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