Phoenix: Cosmetologist and CEO of Team Black Productions

Can we start with how you got started as a make up artist?

Actually, I am a hair and makeup artist. I consider my self a true Cosmetologist. By definition I’m a Dr. of all things beauty related. On my about me on my website, I say I am a makeup artist with strong emphasis on skincare. I began at 15 in Chicago, being trained by top salons. Makeup came naturally; I worked as a makeup artist to pay for Beauty School.

What are three beauty items woman shouldn’t live without?

Three items a woman should never leave without is mascara, moisturizer and fragrance.

What are you favorite Fall/Winter 2015 beauty trends?

My fave beauty trends for Fall are skin, skin, skin. I hate when women wear a lot of makeup. I think it best to channel and devote that time and money into great skin rendering products like DECLEOR. A great color trend on lids is smoking your eyes with various colors from neutral to pastel to kohl.

Can you tell us what it is like to work in the industry?

As a Black Italian trans women, working in this industry has had her beyond nasty share of missed opportunities and having to work harder than anyone else. However, this has been a blessing from God and the Universe. I have also had to learn more than my peers. Which has led me to launch TEAM BLACK PRODUCTIONS. I have also channeled my triumph and wisdom to participate in widespread activism work. Mostly geared towards our future Trans Generation.

Let’s transition to your production company…

What influenced your production company to open?

TeamBlackProductions, is a collection of me and my business partner, Hadriel Gonzalez’s, hard work and various previous titles in the industry. Mine being director of an Israeli Modeling agency in Miami and Editorial Art Director of a magazine. The response of a Hybrid Production HAUS, has been astounding.

We launched May 19, 2015, 11:20 p.m. Our first ELLE Magazine editorial was out the following day. Followed by an international campaign for COCO JEWELRY, a Canadian Jewelry co. 4 months later. We have an ELLE Cover, 3 campaigns, certified and my working the Givenchy SS 2016 show. What influenced my launching of TBP was my magnificent mentor, role model and godmother, Tamera Fair. Who believes in me and taught me ALL things hard work and business. Most importantly, as a Trans Woman CEO, the lives I could inspire and potentially change. Gave me the strength to keep going at all cost.

What services do you offer?

What Team Black is an ALL in HAUS photography, retouching, casting, location and permits, visa & international travel arrangement, hair & makeup, wardrobe styling, video/editing. We also, provide comprehensive branding, which includes strategic synchronized social media uploads via high activity in various time zones.

What is next for the production company?

What’s next for us is another commissioned ELLE and Cover and my co producing the next issue of CRUSHFANZINE and the launch of American Numero!!!

To keep up with Phoenix and Team Black Productions, be sure to check out the website.

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