Founder and Creative Director of Tukutukum, Tugba Kuzdere

Tell us about your business…

TUKUTUKUM was created by an Istanbul-based artist Tugba Kuzdere, who embraced textile design & production following her long envisaged passion for fashion. TUKUTUKUM is quickly becoming the most coveted luxury lifestyle brand, with handmade scarves that perfectly compliment any outfit for any occasion. Each collection is the end product of a delicately themed design process that draws inspiration from contemporary art and real life stories. Tugba’s design is founded on her appreciation for unique, timeless elegance and deep admiration for the arts and crafts tradition. Her visual language conveys a quirky, bold and experimental vision. In her prints she explores elements of cultural heritage, geometrical proportions, concept of contemporary culture & issues. Each scarf design contains a hidden world. TUKUTUKUM exclusive collections are crafted by some of the most eminent fashion garment artisans in Turkey, using sustainable resources, modern production technologies, and authentic craftsmanship. Our silk scarves are made from 100% pure silk and are manufactured in Turkey. The scarves are hand finished by skilled locals. TUKUTUKUM creates scarves for the free-spirited, sophisticated and modern woman who has the desire to enhance her individuality. So get inspired by the cute eye-catching designs and the many ways you can wear those to express your personal style. Passionately design and skillfully created. TUKUTUKUM scarves are designed in Istanbul.

What inspired you to start your business?

I have always expressed myself with fashion. Did design consultancy, visual merchandising and buying. At last it was my moment to create my own brand. I wanted to create something sexy, cool and fun by using the opportunity of the craftsman and quality of Turkey.

Where do the inspirations come from for the designs?

All the collections we have, we focus on strong prints and high quality fabrics. ‘West’ thinks Turkish people are conservative, close-minded and so traditional. Which is not true so I want to create designs that show the world that Turkey is not only a production country but also a country of very colorful, creative people. A dream, fantasy or an art piece, even a very attractive woman on the street…they are all my inspirations.



Who is the ideal customer?

A strong, glam woman who is not afraid of taking all the attention. Also we create some capsule pieces for children and men.

If you could see anyone in your designs, who would it be and why?

Would be Katy Perry as a style icon and a strong influencer.



Where do you see the business in 5-10 years?

Right now we start exporting our brand to Hong Kong, Portugal, NY and Ireland. So our focus is being an international brand. Also we will be launching our new online shop soon, which provides a shopping experience from all around the world.

Visit to see the entire collection.

Marcellas Reynolds: Featured Artist
Caitlin Chock: Featured Artist

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