Los Angeles based fashion stylist, Wale Oyerinde

How did you get interested in fashion?

 Growing up, I wasn’t really exposed to fashion but I loved art and saw things differently, I would literally draw and paint on every blank paper I saw, I hated to see blank pages. I didn’t have fancy clothes but I had my “go-to” favorites. I didn’t discover fashion till I started entering design competitions and got my first internship at a fashion magazine. Finally! It made sense to me, I didn’t waste time at all once I discovered fashion, I worked in the editorial department, which helped me to artistically train my eyes and know what is good design.

I became a sponge and absorbed everything. I further went into retail as a sales associate and visual merchandiser to understand the fashion consumer, what they want and how they want it, I worked in e-commerce as a buyer to understand the business side of things and I still haven’t stopped learning more about the industry.

What are your favorite fall/winter trends for this year?  Fall/Winter for me is a time to hibernate, embrace the cooler weather and doing so in style. My favorite A/W2015 trends are

1.The shearling coat
2.The oversize sweater
3.Long line blazers
4.Winter suede
5.The chunky loafers

Who would be your dream client?

 I have many dream clients, I obsess over different brands season after season, but ultimately I will like to work with Celine, J.W Anderson, Acne Studios, Proenza Schouler, Jacquemus and work on the glossy pages of American Vogue & Dansk Magazine.

Who are some of your professional/personal influences?

 My professional influences come from a whole lot of places, from my environment to people, design and culture. I never try to block myself out of my environment because my next inspiration may come from happenings around me, or a word someone around me just said.

You’ve lived in multiple parts of the world. How does the industry differ from country to country?

Living in different parts of the world and adjusting to the industry standards of different countries can be a little challenging but that is where the fun begins. When I’m working in a particular country, I am able to automatically adjust to the industry standard without loosing my personal aesthetics. One needs to be able to absorb, refine and edit and communicate these ideas without changing what you stand for.

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