A chic yet functional airport uniform from stylist Melissa Del Villar

Airport Uniform
Every time I go to the airport I always wear the same thing. Well, not the same exact thing, but a variation of the same outfit. I consider it like my airport uniform!  For me, going through security is the biggest pain so I dress for convenience. Although I break out the black skinnies from time to to time, (only the ones with a lot of stretch for international flights) for the most part I like to stick with my boyfriend jeans. Why? They are loose, and it is the perfect effortless jet set look. I almost always wear two layers and carry a jacket (depending on where I’m traveling to). No matter what the climate is at your final destination, flights are usually ALWAYS cold. I like to stick with a long sleeve layered with a tank underneath (just incase it gets hot I can take off the long sleeve shirt). As for shoes, I usually always stick to either sneakers or slip-ons. They’re the most comfortable to walk around in and they are easy to take off at the security checkpoint. When it comes to accessories, scarves are great because it can instantly make any off duty airport outfit look chic, but it can also double up as your blanket on the flight!
Airport uniform


Topshop white shirt
$13 – topshop.com

Black jacket

Baggy jeans

Adidas shoes

Black purse

Lip gloss
$9.40 – princesspolly.com

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