What better way to start February then with a bohemian story? Everyone loves boho chic in some way or another; why not add the unexpected pairing of winter and voila, a beautiful story. This Spring 2015 season like any other we will see boho inspired looks that will be just in time for festival season, but what we wanted to convey was the true beauty of bohemian style. This style is and always will be gorgeous no matter the season. 


Photographer: Ansel & Opie

Stylist: Ansel & Opie

Make-up: Shelby Stingley

Hair: Melissa DeVillar

Model: Megan Axne

Sue: Thank you for your hospitality and for the use of your home. We could not have done this without you!

Featured Brand: L&D15
"NY FASHION WEEK" First Looks Highlights Spring 2015

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