Daryl: Owner/Founder, YUCK Clothing


You have an interesting brand name, where did it come from?

It didn't directly come from anywhere. We wanted something short, simple and memorable. The word is usually thought of as an interjection to express disgust or repugnance, which it is, but which is also why we like it. It works as a kind of polite sarcasm. Obviously our t-shirts are not yuck.


How did you break into the clothing industry?

We've got to where we are through a lot of hard work and grafting. We still have a long way to go having only launch back in May, but things have picked up fast! The way people have engaged with the brand is overwhelming, having shipped to over 30 countries. I think it's fair to say our launch collection has gone global.


With such a unique name, you will/must have a following, who would you love to see in your brand?

Our following is forever growing. We've had the pleasure of working with some iconic models such as Greg T Brown and Roy Brackpool, which has helped us a lot. Who we'd like to see wearing the brand is a tough one. Maybe some of our favorite musicians or actors.


 Who is the Yuck Clothing customer?

Anyone interested in top quality. We pride ourselves in our design and carefully selected garments and hope that anyone with their finger on the pulse wants to wear our t-shirts. They are all unisex and go up to size XL. Unfortunately we don't have a kids range at the moment. But it's something we're looking at for the future.


Can we currently find your brand at any retailers?

Currently our t-shirts are available exclusively from www.weareyuck.com


What's next? Any collaborations in the works?

No collaborations as of yet, we do everything ourselves in house. However it's not something we'd never consider. The past few months we've been very busy designing our next collection, which is set to land January 2015. It's something to get excited about.


CoachMens2015 | London Collections: Men
Inspiration: Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn for Burberry

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